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A összes mentett képe immár kereshető URL alapján az ArchiveTeam Magyarország RSZI webarchívumában!

GTF Képhost
GTF Képhost, a Hungarian image sharing site
GTF Képhost, a Hungarian image sharing site
Status Offline
Archiving status Saved!
Archiving type Unknown
IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)
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GTF Képhost was another Hungarian image sharing service. People could upload files from their computers, and insert the links of the pictures into forums, chat, websites etc. However, it was used predominantly to store images linked from torrent-hosting websites.

The service was launched in 2012 and closed in 2020.

Staff had admittedly deleted some images at least twice. As a result, as of March 2017, only images uploaded since 2015 were available for browsing, although staff said images uploaded by registered users had not been deleted.


In 2020, multiple temporary outages occured. Between July 13 and September 4 the website was unavailable, and between September 11 and 19 uploading was disabled. (In this year the number of uploaded images significantly increased. This might be a possible reason for the outages, and even for the shutdown.)

As of 2020-12-05, resolved to a page with the following text, then immediately redirected to

Original Hungarian English translation
Az oldalt a tárhely szolgáltató lekapcsolta... Az eddig feltöltött képek kiszolgálása megmarad, új képek nem jöhetnek fel! The website has been shutdown by the hosting provider. Images already uploaded will continue to be served, new images can't be uploaded.

Contrary to the message, the old images weren't served, but any request to resulted in the above message and redirect.

( seems to be another image hosting service, started in 2020.)

As of 2021-01-01, 403 and 404 errors were returned for any URLs.

As of 2021-01-09, the main page informs the user about the shutdown, then after 10 seconds redirects to

Original Hungarian English translation
Az oldal bezárt!
A GTFKéphost megszünt. A Jövőben nem lehet képeket feltölteni, azonban a meglévő képek nem lesznek törölve.
Amennyiben képfeltöltő oldalt keresnél, használd a oldalt, ahová az oldal át is fog irányítani hamarosan...
The website closed!
GTFKéphost ceased operation. No more images can be uploaded in the future, but existing images will not be deleted.
In case you are looking for an image hosting website, use the site, where this page will redirect you soon...

As of the aforementioned date, images seem to be indeed served (at least the image file links work; image page links give an 502 error at the moment).

Administrator activity

They made some announcements.[1]

Financial status

No traceable information about the entity behind the site, so no financial status information available. (The domain owner is a natural person.) There was one ad banner at the bottom, a list of partners on a page, and a donate button in the header.


A quick sampling shows that there is very little original content, most of the pictures are DVD covers, movie frames and XXX movie frames, probably background storage for torrent websites.

According to the website's statistics,[2] as of 2017-03-14, 348,000 pictures were hosted, most of them public, and about half of them uploaded by registered users. Total space used: 57 GB. (Uploads had a file size limit of 205.07 KB (sic!).[3]

There were like 400 registered users and the same number of galleries at that time.

Site structure

One could browse the list of uploaded public pictures (, NSFW alert!), the ~7,400 pages showed ~148,000 pictures as of 2017-03-14, although stats page said they had ~322,000 public pictures. Moreover, although the service started in 2012, the image browser showed only images uploaded since 2015.

Images had a random alphanumerical identifier.

Image pages: e.g.

Actual image URLs: e.g. Note: the 06/06 part in this URL has nothing to do with the upload date. This is, for example, a February 2017 upload.

Content deletion

According to a 2017-03-07 announcement,[1] staff deleted images uploaded in 2013–2014 by unregistered users.

"We won't explain the reason for this"

Back in June 2014, they also deleted older pictures.

Although staff statd that images of registered users had not been deleted, the older pictures (currently: uploaded before 2015) didn't show up in the image browser.


As the Wayback Machine didn't have a copy of most of the pictures, user:bzc6p started saving already uploaded images in December 2014, and was saving newly uploaded ones regularly, until October 2020.


Public images uploaded from June 2013 until December 2015 are available in the Wayback Machine. Public images uploaded between January 2016 and October 2020, however, are accessible only via the RSZI web archive.

The following table contains links to the bulk archive files (for advanced users and data hoarders).

Upload date Num. of images Archives
Jun – Dec 2013 48,996 06 07 08 09 10 11 12
2014 117,265 2014
2015 78,100 2015
2016 47,495 2016
2017 51,679 2017
2018 38,176 2018
2019 43,563 2019
2020 202,949 84,173[4] 2020
Total: 509,447


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