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Status Endangered
Archiving status Partially saved
Archiving type Unknown
IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)
Project lead user:bzc6p
Main page of in 2015 is a Hungarian web portal offering several services, home to a vast amount of user-generated content dating back to 2006. Its "flagship" service is

The website is – recently – used predominantly by elderly people. The popularity of the website has declined, but some users are still active.

The company's balance has been deeply in the red for years now, so the sites are endangered. Not being popular and known in wide circles, it will certainly disappear soon.

Content deletion

According to a blog post, in 2018 turned to be a paid service, and those who didn't subscribe were eliminated from the system, and their content got deleted.

This explains why most of the users' accounts are not available. It seems that only a fraction of the users' contents are available as of 2020, and so the websites can be archived only to a limited extent.

A user discovery made on 2020-08-14 discovered 9430 users, but only 86(!) accounts seem to be still working. That is, more than 99% of the user accounts, along with their contents, were deleted in 2018.


The above doesn't apply to videos. It seems that even deleted users' uploaded videos can be browsed and watched on According to the September 2020 discovery results, 127,223 videos are hosted, dating back to 2006, but it seems that on 2018-10-03 video uploading has been disabled.

Sometime between 2021-02-28 and 2021-04-19, the service ceased to exist, and perhaps all videos got deleted.

Site structure

The company provides many different services on different domains.

The following services belong to – and can be archived per – certain users:

  • $ – Photo albums (example)
  • $ – Blog posts
  • $ – Videos
  • $ – Link collection, seems always empty
  • Friends – can be browsed under the domain
  • $ – message wall with messages of the user and their friends
  • $ free webhosting, discontinued on 2013-04-11, "after 10 years".[1]

As of 2015, there were approximately 270,000 photo albums, 4 million blog entries, 36,000 videos. Most of them got deleted in 2018.

The website also provides e-mail service to their users.

There are some other services/websites that don't strictly belong to users and/or can't be archived a per-user basis.

  • can also be browsed globally, that is, showing all users' posts. 1,100,000 messages as of 2015.
  • a Q&A website. 35,000 questions as of 2015.
  • Recipes. 4,200 of them as of 2015.
  • a news aggregate site, with commenting feature. 270,000 articles as of 2015. Seems to be defunct as of 2020.
  • "Community magazine", with tens of thousands of articles in eight categories as of 2015. Seems to be defunct as of 2020.


Status table
Website/Service Status Archiving status Archives users (blog, pics, vids, friends) Online ex. videos Partially saved[2] by bzc6p [1] and [2] videos not belonging to any user (user already deleted) Offline Saved by bzc6p archives index Online Not saved yet webhosting Offline Lost Online Saved by bzc6p in 2016 [3] Online Not saved yet Offline Lost Offline Lost


  2. As already mentioned, most of the users have already been deleted by the time of archiving.

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