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Data[how to use] demotivalo_net_2014_october was the first and most popular Hungarian website for user-created demotivational posters. Starting in 2010, it quickly gained popularity, and soon had 200,000 followers on Facebook. We can say it was the most popular and original community site of its kind. However, staff left the site abandoned after some years and the future of the site became quite uncertain.

As of 2018-06-23, the last working Wayback Machine capture is from 2017-06-11, so the website should be proclaimed dead.


The name of the site refers to demotivational posters – opposite of well-known motivational posters. However, other "genres", like "you're doing it wrong", "college version" and other funny ones are also welcome, if they suit the picture-title-line scheme. Users upload a picture, write the belonging lines, and post them. Administrators check if they are OK, and then send them to the "waiting hall" or vote page, and if they earn a good rating, they go to the hot page.

From the comments, we can see a good community formed, sometimes having harsh debates on sensitive topics.

As of December 2014, there are ~12,500 posts on the hot pages, not counting the ones that didn't succeed from the vote pages and were cleared from there but remained in the users' profiles.


The site had an "incredible journey" between 2010 and 2013, being extremely popular and collecting 200,000 followers on Facebook, which is quite a lot in Hungarian context. However, starting from 2013, "staff" (maybe just one person) kept disappearing for long periods, and without their approval, no new posts appeared on the main page. Also, different kinds of errors made it difficult to use the website. This ignorance quickly caused the community to fall apart and visitors to go away. Staff came back once in a while to fix some bugs and toss a few posts on the hot page, but disappeared again and again. The last time of their appearance was in February 2016.


As of 2018-06-23, the last working Wayback Machine capture is from 2017-06-11, so the website should be proclaimed dead.

Sister sites

Owners of, riding its popularity, started some other sites similar in structure, but of other genres.

WebsiteContentWebsite statusArchive
kommenthuszar.comTroll comments and weird posts, mainly from FacebookDomain caught, restoration upcoming[1]
klonok.comSimilarities ("clones")Restored[2]
idokapu.comThen and nowRestored[3]
oszdmeg.comEmotions ("share it")Dead[4]
cukigyar.comCute animalsDeadLost
ezmiez.comFunny pictures from the worldDeadLost


The Wayback Machine – or other automated tools – can't make a proper archive, because switching between pages is implemented with a Javascript tool (Paginator) which generates the links to further pages only in the browser.

user:bzc6p made a panic grab of and its still available sister sites in July–November 2014, including everything, also those, automatically not reachable pages and their contents.

Archive of [5], archive of the sister sites: see above.

These can be considered almost complete archives, as not too much content was added to the websites later.

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