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ingyenweb_hu_websites_item_2 is an ancient Hungarian free webhosting service. It was launched in 2001, and had popularity in the 2000s, partly because it provided many different domain names (besides under which the user could register his own website.

As of 2020-10-03, the search engine of lists 24,039 registered websites.

The service and the websites seem to be working properly as of 2020, but it seems that the whole thing has not been touched since 2006. Some people are still using it, but probably a little percentage of all websites ever registered are updated today.

In fact, there are (and even were back then) several other free webhosting services in Hungary, with better options (more space, less ads, more sophisticated interface).


Source of information: Wayback Machine captures

The service was launched in 2001, and an owner change happened in 2003, when the interface of the service was redesigned. This design is active still as of 2020.

In 2003, they bought 20 Hungarian domain names, under which users could register their own subdomains. Among these, there were many good looking ones, e.g., and general Hungarian words. At this time, they offered 50 MB disk space.

In the following years, they introduced a paid ad-free option. They also bought more domains, so that users could choose from more than 50, including ones with accents (e.g. and nő

In 2011, the available space for a website was 200 MB, and this is the situation as of 2020.


Since 2003, the service is operated by Port Kft., that runs paid domain registering and webhosting service. The company seems to be profitable according to balance sheets.

Related websites

They seem to be running the following other community websites:

These are still working, but show little activity.

Archiving is an important source about what the Hungarian user-generated web looked like in the 2000s. It is comparable to Geocities or AOL Hometown. (Not this is the only one in Hungary, but this is probably the one that has been left on us most intact.)

Considering that it is barely used today, but old websites have not been deleted (!), and the owner may not be interested in keeping the service running (they could sell the domain names alone for a good sum), it is considered to be endangered.

user:bzc6p archived all the 24,039 websites in October 2020. The archives are sometimes incomplete, as many websites use a lot of different unknown tools, including Javascript and Java (!) based ones. (I myself saw colour-changing buttons implemented with embedded Java in 2004. --bzc6p)

The archives can be found here and here. Their total size is cca. 80 GB.

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