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This is a list of (known) projects whose archives, after some time of their finish, haven't been moved into a collection yet. This may be because of several reasons, only one of them is that it was forgotten. So one should wait a bit. But waiting has a side effect of forgetting to link to the archives from the wiki. Solution is to link to the search page of the Internet Archive until the items are moved into a collection. But this is not elegant, so we should change that link to the link of the collection as soon as the collection is created. Not to forget about this, this category has been created to collect projects in this situation.

Add [[Category:Archives not in collection yet]] to the "Archives" section of the project in question (along with the link to the appropriate search results page). Remove it when you replace the link to the one pointing to the collection.

This category is hidden, not shown on the project page, as it serves maintenance purposes.

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