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Status Endangered
Archiving status Saved!
Archiving type Unknown
IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)
Project lead bzc6p
Data[how to use] on the Internet Archive (still uploading) is a Hungarian social networking website launched in 2007. It makes possible for users to be members of "communities" based on interests. Communities can have an own forum, blog, photo and video galleries. The website also provides an extensive user search engine, so that users can find other users with the same interest, age, residence, school attended etc. Most or all of the content is public, that is, visible to unregistered users too.

Site reconnaissance

The Communities subpage counts 3083 communities as of 2020-08-18, but through their listing pages only 1974 communities could be discovered. After going through the archived communities, 430,168 user profiles could be discovered.

As of August 2020, the site seems to be operating flawlessly, and is still open for news users. It seems however, that there is not too much activity nowadays. The decline seems to have started when Facebook gained popularity in Hungary (around 2011).

Some images, along with their thumbnails, appear to have been deleted (example), probably accidentally, as the pctrs (pictures) server returns 404 for them. This seems to affect a small (but not negligable) portion of the content.



Between 2020-11-22 and 2021-01-29, 1974 communities have been saved, totalling to 2.7 TiB in size.


Between 2023-03-15 and 2023-06-12, 429,781 user profiles (discovered during archiving the communities) have been saved, totalling to 740 GiB in size. User accounts created after 2020 have not been archived.

YouTube videos

A substantial part of community and user videos are not hosted by itself, but are embeds from YouTube. These videos have not been saved (and, due to Internet Archive's YouTube video acceptance policy, are not going to be, either).


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