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Status Offline
Archiving status Partially saved (by the Wayback Machine)
Archiving type Unknown
IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint) was a Hungarian blog hosting service, one of the first and most popular ones, that operated between 2003 and 2013. In 2006, a sister site also started (for videos). ceased operations in October 2012, followed in late 2013.


According to Wayback Machine captures, the sister site ceased to be available ("temporarily") from October 2012.[1]

A user wrote us in May 2013:

" is a hungarian blog host. It was one of the first in the country and many great things have came out from there. They have not updated their system at least for 2 years, they had a data loss at the last summer and now it looks like their system is slowly dying. Export barely works, you can't post... etc. So here is a blog host with part of the country's internet history. It looks like they will be gone sooner or later."[2]

According to an article[3], from March 15, 2013 no new entries could be added on, and there were also availability problems. Another article says that in September 2013, no pages except the main page could be loaded.[4]

There was a message on the website for months (till the end) that they are waiting for a new component. Then, in late 2013, cut the service without notifying their users. The last Wayback Machine capture of the main page was made on October 21, 2013.

The owner Magyar Vendor Kft., that used to run several other sites and also did other kind of business, got into a quite bad financial situation by the early 2010s, and although a rise seems to have started in 2012, there may be financial reasons behind the shutdown.

The fact that no balance sheet was made in year 2014 suggests that the company got liquidated.


No complete archive of Freeblog was made. However, the Wayback Machine kept making snapshots, most (or some?) of the blogs may be found archived there.


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