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IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint) is a Hungarian free webhosting service provider.

It was launched in 2001, and it has changed owners many times during the years (SWI --> Interware --> Generál Média --> Epicenter Market). It offered 500 MB, later 20 MB disk space. Users could register their websites under subdomains of,, later also under and It seems that, as of 2020, its last owner has been Epicenter Market Limited (a company that bought many soon-to-be-dead websites, including myVIP). has a long history, so there may have been more milestones other than the ones listed below. However, according to web records and Wayback Machine captures, there were probably two cases of mass deletions of websites.



In 2012, under the banner of Generál Média Kft., became a "full-scale" webhosting company, and warned users that unless they move to the new hosting service, their websites would be deleted. According to main page entries, it seems that users could continue using the service for free. Also, they soon re-introduced their free plan providing 20 MB disk space. (Earlier, it was 500 MB.) It seems however, that inactive users' websites got deleted.

In September 2012, introduced a rule that users must login every two weeks, otherwise they lose their website.


In 2019, the Register button stopped working (gave a 404 error), and later it started to redirect to, where by clicking another button, we can reach a page that reads that "Epicenter Market Limited (the owner of the website) is soon to terminate their offered services". (At the same time, the hosting plans, including the free plan, were removed from main page, and seems to provide only paid plans.)

According to this page, users received an email about the change (and this email is mentioned on main page as well). Those who followed a few simple steps, could continue to use the service, now probably provided by World Web Data Kft., operator of (It is a company different from Epicenter Market Ltd., that is the owner of Probably for free, but it is uncertain.

Bottom line is, it seems that users who wanted to, could keep their website. It is unknown, however, whether and when inactive users' websites were / will be deleted.

Unfortunately, I (user:bzc6p) wasn't able to find any references on the web related to this 2019 change.

Site reconnaissance

It is unknown how many registered websites are there, as there is no browser that would list them. Once we want to archive the websites, we must rely on web scraping for the discovery.

Further reading

Gábor Agárdi wrote a CC book in 2006 about the history of (in Hungarian). [1]


  • Wayback Machine captures
  • and (retrieved: 2020-10-03)

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