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|[irc://irc.efnet.org/archivebot #archivebot]
|[irc://irc.efnet.org/archivebot #archivebot]
|Channel for controlling [[ArchiveBot]].  Discussions about ArchiveBot development also take place here.
|Channel for controlling [[ArchiveBot]].  Discussions about ArchiveBot development also take place here.
|[irc://irc.efnet.org/archivebot-bs #archivebot-bs]
|Off-topic discussion for things not directly related to ArchiveBot.

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IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is an internet protocol that allows multiple users to connect to a server and chat. Each IRC "server" can be connected to by a person, then someone joins a "channel" with the particular subject they are interested in.

The ArchiveTeam uses IRC as its one-stop shop for coordinating official and unofficial AT projects.

How do I chat on IRC?

You will need a IRC client, or you can use a web interface.

EFNet, the network that Archive Team uses, provides a web interface called Webchat. Enter a nickname (such as your first name, your pet's name, or a cool pseudonym of your choice) and then the channel's name, ie #archiveteam.

Archiveteam1.png Please learn IRC netiquette.

Do not barge into an IRC channel demanding help or disparage installation instructions.

Archive Team is not a professional support team.

Do I have to use IRC?

We prefer IRC because there is no central point of failure, but see the question about social media on Frequently Asked Questions.

Why does IRC need chat logs?

Unlike a bulletin board or SMS, IRC is a transient medium of communication. As a result, if you aren't there to receive the message, you will never receive it at all.

If you check the chat logs, your question may already be answered. Unfortunately, some channels are not logged. Don't worry if you accidentally interrupt someone's conversation or repeat a question.

I asked a question and waited but it scrolled off the window and was ignored.

Don't get discouraged and ask again. Topics get intermixed and timezones break up normal conversations. Be persistent but friendly.

How do I get someone's attention in a public channel?

Some chat clients will alert the user if you say their nickname.

Some clients support nickname auto-completion. Start typing the first few letters of their nickname and press tab.

Why won't anyone respond?

If no one answers, please be patient. We're volunteers so we can't always respond immediately. We eat, drink, sleep, and archive just like you!

Sometimes it may be the bystander effect. Try an icebreaker to get the conversation going.

I can't wait; I need immediate attention. Who's in charge?

See Who We Are.

ArchiveTeam on IRC

Below are a list of the IRC channels the ArchiveTeam uses to control all its projects, in no particular order. All these channels are on the EFNet network. This list is not complete but available to document long-term channels.

Channel name Channel hashtag Channel description Status
General Channels
Archive Team #archiveteam The main ArchiveTeam channel, mainly used for news, announcement and early project planning. N/A
-bs #archiveteam-bs Off-topic discussion for things not directly related to ArchiveTeam and its projects. N/A
-twitter #archiveteam-twitter We have a twitter bot and it owns you. All tweets by us, to us, or about us used to be displayed here by swebb bot, until twitter killed API v1. N/A
Warrior #warrior Channel for the discussion and development of the ArchiveTeam Warrior N/A
ArchiveBot #archivebot Channel for controlling ArchiveBot. Discussions about ArchiveBot development also take place here. N/A
ArchiveBot-bs #archivebot-bs Off-topic discussion for things not directly related to ArchiveBot. N/A
Valhalla #huntinggrounds Project Valhalla: Discussing where and how to store archives that are too big for the Internet Archive at the moment. N/A
Active projects on a deadline
TwitPic #quitpic Acquired by Twitter, TwitPic may cease to exist in its current form. Active
Halo #yolohalo Bungie's disks are filling up, so they are deleting old Halo game statistics and user content. Active
Microsoft Clip Art #clipfart Microsoft is phasing out its clip art collection. Active
Cobook #cookbook Cobook has been acquired and is being absorbed into FullContact. Active
RapidShare #rapidscare RapidShare is getting a RapidScare, shutting down on March 31, 2015. Active
Odysee #spaceodysee Odysee is joining the Google+ Team and ending its voyage on February 23, 2015. Active
RadioShack #unshackled RadioShack is going bankrupt. Active
TestFlight #crashed Apple is crashing TestFlight on February 26, 2015. Active
Internet Centrum #internetcentury Internet Centrum gets terminated on February 28, 2015. Active
Google Business Sitebuilder #sitebreaker Google is replacing Google Business Sitebuilder with Google My Business on March 15, 2015. Active
Trovebox #treasuretrove Trovebox is closing on March 15, 2015. Active
Club Nintendo #clubnintendont Club Nintendo has ran out of lives. Game over for North America on July 30, 2015, September 30, 2015 for Europe and Japan. Active
Music Unlimited #limitedmusic Music Unlimited's time is limited. Getting phased out by Sony on March 29, 2015. Active
Ovi Store #downlovi Microsoft and Nokia are killing Ovi Store in the first half of 2015. Downloading all the things! Active
Panoramio #paranormio Google is migrating Panoramio pictures into Maps without metadata. Active
exfm #exexfm Grabbing everything from archive.ex.fm. Active
Orkut #throatkut Orkut got kut on September 30, 2014. However, it still lives on as a read-only archive. Active
The Pirate Bay #yarharfiddlededee The Pirate Bay has recently rose from the grave, grabbing an archive for sanity's sake. Active
Madden GIFERATOR #jiferator Madden GIFERATOR: promotional site + EA + lots of user generated content + meme = a site that will probably shut down with little to no notice. Preemptively being archived (but not starting until there are less upcoming projects with looming deadlines). Active
Ownlog #pwnlog Polish blogging website Ownlog is losing popularity and support from its owners. Active
Long term ongoing projects
Audit Team 2014 #auditteam It's time to verify our shit. Active
AOL #aohell The channel for old-school AOL archiving. Active
BashUp #bashup The ArchiveTeam Quote Backup Project, dedicated to backing up quote databases (such as Bash.org) and similar websites (similar to FMyLife or MyLifeIsAverage). Idle
ISP Hosting #webroasting Finding ISP web hosting services before the Grim Reaper finds them. Active
URLTeam #urlteam The URL shortener backup project of the ArchiveTeam. To quote: "URL shortening = fucking bad idea" Active
WikiTeam #wikiteam The Wiki backup project. Any wiki can be backed up here. Mostly idle (work, don't chat!)
FTP #effteepee FTP archiving project. Active
Currently idle or complete projects
MediaCrush #mediacrushed MediaCrush is getting crushed. Completed
Inkblazers #inkerasers Inkblazers is erased on February 1, 2015. Completed
Brace.io #braceyourself Brace.io is killed by Squarespace on January 19, 2015. Completed
Vstreamers #destreamers Video hosting service Vstreamers to shut down on January 15, 2015. Completed
Nokia Memories #backtorubber Nokia Memories gets forgotten on January 12, 2015. Completed
Roon #rooined The blogging website Roon gets ruined on December 31, 2014. Completed
Viddy #viddiot A lot of viddios will be gone with Viddy on December 15, 2014. Completed
ZipList #zipyourlips ZipList gets zipped up on December 10, 2014. Completed
Jux #juxsux Jux is a creative blogging platform. But just until November 30, 2014. Idle
Qwiki #quickie No, it's not a wiki. Qwiki was acquired in 2013 by Yahoo!, shutting down on November 1, 2014. Idle
Ancestry Sites #ancienthistory Ancestry.com is pulling the plug on four of its sites. Completed
Quizilla #fizzilla Nickelodeon failed Quizilla and gets expelled on October 1st, 2014. Completed
Verizon user sites #verizoff Deja vu? Verizon decides it's a great idea to pull a Geocities with their user sites. Completed
Swipnet #swiped Swipnet.se gets swiped on August 31, 2014. Completed (by self)
Canvas #canvas Canv.as wants a permanent home at IA. Completed
Fotopedia #fotofinished Fotopedia is taking its last photo on August 10, 2014. Completed
Twitch #burnthetwitch Twitch announced they were going to be mass-deleting old broadcasts. Idle
puu.sh #pushharder puu.sh archival before they add an image expiry limit Idle
Yahoo! Voices #shutup Self-destruct sequence initiated of Yahoo! Voices. ETA July 31, 2014. Completed
MLKSHK #totheyard MLKSHK announced that they were going to shut down, but then didn't. Cancelled
Bebo #cockandballs Archival of Bebo. Idle
Mochi Media #mochibaibai Goodbye Flash games. Mochi Media was forced to shut down on March 31, 2014. Completed
My Opera #fatlady Archival of My Opera Completed
Dogster/Catster #rawdogster Archival of Dogster and Catster. Completed (for now)
Viddler #fiddler Saving Viddler before it goes paid-only on March 11, 2014. Idle
The Phoenix #theashes This news site is shutting down and we already grabbed blog.thephoenix.com. Idle
ispygames #ispygames Gamespy, 1up, UGO and IGN (most of the sites) are being closed. Planning and action here. Idle
AnyHub #AnyHubTeam The AnyHub team. Idle
Last.fm #lastchance.fm The channel for Last.fm archiving. Idle
isoPrey #isoprey isoHunt was forced to shutdown. Idle
Blip.tv #blooper.tv Blip.tv decides to "clean up" their library. Idle
Xanga #jenga Xanga archival before potentially going paid-only or transitioning to Wordpress. Idle
Formspring #firespring Formspring announced its closure on March 15, 2013. Plans for archiving and general closure chat were located here. Completed (for now)
Snapjoy #snapshut Snapjoy archival. Closed July 24th, 2013. Idle
Webshots #webshots Discussion of everything related to the webshots shutdown. Idle
Posterous #preposterus Posterous project discussion Completed
FanFiction.Net #fanfriction The channel for coordinating preemptive FanFiction.Net archiving. Completed
FlickrFckr #flickrfckr The Flickr backup project of the Archive Team. Not needed just yet, but it's a Yahoo owned service, so we're always prepped. Idle
ProdigalSon #prodigalson The backup project for pages.prodigy.net. Idle
GetMUD #getmud The multi-user-dungeon backup project of the Archive Team. Currently no progress as of yet. Idle
Space Invaders #spaceinvaders The Windows Live Spaces backup project. Idle
ArchiveTeam Philly #archiveteam-philly For team members in the Philadelphia area (there's a lot). Discussion and possible physical meetups? Idle
Forever Alone #foreveralone The Friendster backup project. Idle
Magically Delicious #magicallydelicious Delicious backup project Idle
Google Grape #googlegrape Main channel for coordinating the Google Video project. Idle
BOINC Google #boincgoogle Sub-channel for the Google Video project, for details about running the distributed-download software Idle
Upcoming #outgong Upcoming gave us 11 days' notice. It shut down on April 30. Completed
Lulu Poetry #lulupoetry Channel for the brief but intense Poetry.com archiving project. Idle
Archive Strikes Back #archivestrikesback Channel for Forums.starwars.com archive project. Completed
ArchiveMeme #archivememe An unofficial fan channel started by BlueMax. http://memegenerator.net/ArchiveTeam N/A

IRC Logs

You can log the channels where you are using your client, generally. But if you want a 24/7 bot logging your channel, you can use a script like this (change the server and channel variables).

Scumola/swebb is also hosting chatlogs of some channels at http://badcheese.com/~steve/atlogs/. Though only logs from the last ten days are listed, older chatlogs can still be accessed by changing the URL.

If the one above seems to be out of order, try chfoo's one: http://archive.fart.website/bin/irclogger_logs.

Unofficial ArchiveTeam QDB (Offline)

ArchiveTeamsters are encouraged to visit and contribute to the unofficial ArchiveTeam quote database.