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Data[how to use] brace_io_panic_2015_01 is a Dropbox-based web hosting service. Recently acquired by Squarespace, shutting down on January 19, 2015.

Shutdown notice

Brace is joining Squarespace

We have some news that we’re excited to share. Brace is joining Squarespace to bring our experience crafting simple developer workflows to the Squarespace platform.

Since we launched Brace last year, we’ve been working to create the simplest way for developers and designers to deploy their websites. We’ve designed workflows for shipping code, collaborating on website designs, and integrating forms, data and charts. We built these tools to be intuitive for developers at any skill level.

During this process, we caught the attention of Squarespace, a company we’ve looked up to and were inspired by from the start. They share our passion for design and simplicity. We both want to unlock creativity on the web, and make web development accessible to a wider community. And, it turns out, some of the tools we’ve built were already on the Squarespace roadmap. So we’ve decided to team up.

What this means for Brace is that, as of today, we are no longer enrolling new users. Existing users can continue to use our service until Jan 19, 2015. At that time all Brace sites, including redirects will be disabled. For our free users, you will receive a coupon worth three months of free service on Site44. For our paying customers, you will receive a full refund for your last subscription period. You’ll also receive the Site44 coupon and, in addition, Squarespace is offering a full year of service on their Unlimited plan for free. Look for a follow-up email with more details and instructions.

As for our free tools for forms, charts and data, Squarespace has agreed to release these tools back to the developer community as open source projects. Please watch out for announcements with more detail on those products’ websites (, and

While this is a big change, the decision was carefully made after a long period of deliberation. In the end we feel that our vision aligns closely with that of Squarespace. They care about developer experience, as evidenced by the developer platform they launched with Squarespace 6. Together, we hope to create the best experience possible for developers on an online publishing platform.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We realize that you have invested time, effort, and trust in Brace. We will do our best to help you find an alternative service that fits your needs. While I wish we could have taken our vision further as an independent entity, I believe we can make a bigger impact at Squarespace.

Site structure

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