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IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)
(formerly #fotofinished (on EFnet))
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Fotopedia is user-contributed encyclopedia for photos


Fotopedia is shutting down

July 31, 2014 by fotonauts

We are sorry to announce that Fotopedia is shutting down.

As of August 10, 2014, will close and our iOS applications will cease to function. Our community of passionate photographers, curators and storytellers has made this a wonderful journey, and we’d like to thank you for your hard work and your contributions. We truly believe in the concept of storytelling but don’t think there is a suitable business in it yet.[1]

Site Structure

Types of URLs

  • A user: /users/4d41h58ro27a6
  • A user's photos: /users/4d41h58ro27a6/last_photos
  • A user's stories: /reporter/users/4d41h58ro27a6
  • A story: /reporter/stories/OxPlIc_Oce_
  • A photo: /items/4d41h58ro27a6-mnYC-fLgByc
  • An article: /wiki/List_of_musical_instruments
  • A user's following list: /users/e4-OQXo_noA/all_following
  • A user's collection of stories: /reporter/personal_magazine/bCW-oGGCRbc
  • A user's albums: /users/everlasting/all_albums
  • A user's album: /albums/hU7EIxucmf4
  • Something?: /albums/567c25cd-7ff1-42c8-aff1-05afc9b89bab/entries/fc4543dc-52df-45ca-bc3d-eee560df1cd2/photos?page=2
  • Projects: /projects/A76yOhjrDPE

How to Help

Start up a Warrior. Alternatively, the scripts can be run manually as detailed in the source code repositories.

Phase 1 is content discovery. A list of usernames are combed for their IDs of photos, albums, stories etc. Phase 2 is the actual download of photos and pages.


Archives are saved in the WARC format and are uploaded to archiveteam_fotopedia collection on the Internet Archive.

You can browse the archives using the Wayback Machine.

You can access the CC licensed files at 2014.08.fotopedia-cc-export-collection


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