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Delicious mainpage in 2010-12-16
Delicious mainpage in 2010-12-16
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(formerly #magicallydelicious (on EFnet))

Delicious is was between 2003-2017 a social bookmarks site where you can post and tag sites using Yahoo!'s servers. The shutdown of the website was seemingly announced when an image from a Yahoo presentation was posted online. Then Yahoo! agreed to sell it, not shut it down, and in April 2011 it did so to AVOS, a company run by the founders of YouTube.

However, users are required to accept the AVOS terms of service before their bookmarks are migrated to AVOS's system. All bookmarks that are not migrated by July 2011 will be lost.[1] has been sold to Science, Inc in 2014[2], sold to Delicious Media in 2016, a Science, Inc. and Domainersuite alliance[3], sold to Pinboard in 2017, a competitor founded Maciej Cegłowski. "In a statement, he said “I am the greatest.” Ceglowski also confirmed the purchase price for, which was $35,000."[3]. And it permanently shut down in 2017[4]. Schachter is the original founder and did the original selling of to yahoo in 2005 "definitely less than $30 million"[4].


So it's come down to this, eh Delicious?

Their bookmarks will be lost if the users don't accept this

Site Structure

All bookmarks are publicly viewable unless the user chooses to save them as private. The format is simply[username] to see all of a user's bookmarks.

Getting usernames: There are sources of seed usernames in places like "popular" and "recent" to get handfuls of usernames. PROBLEM SOLVED
Crawling: To get more usernames from a starting one, you can follow the link to the right of any bookmark, where there's a number in a blue box. That takes you to a page listing all the other users who have saved the same bookmark. It remains to be seen whether this can be parlayed into a successful crawl.
Scraping: ???
Profit?: Profit.

Backup Tools

  • General Overview of backing up Delicious using the XML API. Up to date as of Sept 2008.
  • When logged in: Settings -> Export - "creates a list of all your bookmarks in a format understandable by most browsers".
  • XML Dump (requires username and password). Delicious doesn't like it if you try to call this more than once an hour or so. API details.

Vital Signs

Delicious was foreseen to be closed when an image of a Yahoo presentation leaked on the internet stating it for "sunset", however Yahoo soon stated the site was to be sold.

Now that it has been sold to AVOS, bookmarks owned by users interested in migrating will be kept alive by AVOS (in a form to be determined). However, users who are inactive or uninterested in moving will let their bookmarks disappear in July. For more information, see the FAQ page on the buy-out.


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