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Connect With Interactive Video
Connect With Interactive Video
Status Special case (closing for non-paying users)
Archiving status Saved by itself (see IRC topic)
Archiving type Unknown
Project source viddler-grab
Project tracker
IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)
(formerly #fiddler (on EFnet))

Viddler is a video hosting service, mainly oriented towards businesses.

Shutdown Notice

On February 5th of 2014, Viddler sent this email to its users:

Hi Viddlers,

In 2006, Viddler’s founding business model was based on the creation of a community site for video enthusiasts and personal sharing. At the time, our business revenue model was driven through advertising. As a Viddler community user, you were a part of this model. As time has passed Viddler is no longer able to support this offering and business model.

Therefore we’ve made the decision to close our free site and community effective March 11th, 2014.

Team Viddler now dedicates 100% of our collective effort on the delivery of secure, interactive video solutions. We back our offering with a passionate, personal professional services and client support team and every day we strive to be the best in the industry.

We invite you to upgrade to a paid account.

We have created an affordable basic account expressly for our long-time Viddler users.

If you chose not to subscribe to Viddler's service, please be sure to download a copy of your videos on a personal drive so that you don't lose access to them. While we are sad to see you go, we would be even sadder if you lost your videos.

To Download your videos from Viddler:

1. Log into your Viddler Account.

2. Click Videos.

3. On the video you would like to download, click edit.

4. Click Manage.

5. Choose your download file format.

The future is an exciting place for online video. We're extremely grateful to you for being a part of Viddler's success. We hope that you'll join us as we continue to change the face of enterprise solutions.


Team Viddler

Site structure

chris@kaiju13:/tmp$ get_flash_videos
Using method 'generic' for
Using method 'generic' for
There are different suggested filenames, please choose:
1 - 37signals_hulljccfeee11xpiz2jjamljlj0cwr.mp4
2 - Start_a_New_Basecamp_Project.flv

Which filename would you like to use?: 

How can I help?

Please fire up your Warrior and select the Viddler project. Be patient! It will take some time to install things before anything happens.

Alternative, you can run the scripts manually.


Archive of what we got so far is located in the archiveteam_viddler collection.

The project was cancelled on February 27th after internal discussions with User:Jscott and the Viddler team. The videos will not be deleted but the remaining grabs will be suspended indefinitely as part of a truce.

Short story: Videos in Amazon Glacier, users pay $50 to retrieve videos.[1]


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