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The Pirate Bay
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The Pirate Bay is one of the largest and most popular torrent search engines.

It's still having persistent legal problems. The tracker went down in November 2012, but the site still serves torrents and magnet links. If a torrent is lost, it becomes impossible to connect to other computers distributing the shared files. Considering that there are links to TPB all over this wiki, this site is pretty dang important.

On December 2014, the website went offline due to an alleged raid[1]. A few weeks later, the site was updated with a banner page and a mysterious key string[2] revealed to be a cryptographic puzzle with the solution "I'll be back" [3][4]. The website returned back online on February 1, 2015[5].

In case of Fire

To prevent damage to the Archive Team if The Pirate Bay ever goes down, we should include a Magnet Link next to every TPB link we have.

Archival Methods

We can simply scrape the magnet links, descriptions, and comments. The hard part would probably be keeping it all updated... (Maybe we could use a git repository, and pull as necessary?)

Magnet links are provided in the Pirate Bay Magnet Archive below, and descriptions and comments are in the siterip.

Archival Tools

  • Magnet link Dumper: A perl script that dumps magnet links into a single text file. It was used to make the below magnet archive.
  • tpb2csv: scrapes the pirate bay website and strips out all the html crap, leaving only pure sweet metadata.
    • details.csv: Title, Type, Files, Size, IMDB, Spoken Languages, Texted Languages, Tags, Quality (+), Quality (-), Uploaded, By, User Type, Seeders, Leechers, Info Hash, Picture, Capture Date
    • description.txt
    • comments.csv: User Type, Username, Date, Text


  • Pirate Bay Metadata Git Repo: 596MB zip tpb2csv scraped metadata including comments, file lists, descriptions, details. link broken, github censorship?
    • IDs 8000000-8999999 tpb2csv scraped metadata not included by "Backup" torrents listed above, fetched on 2013-06-02

at the end of 2014 there were 11000000 ish torrent ID's


Is there a complete backup before The Pirate Bay was shut down?

We don't know. If we did, it should and would be listed in this page already.

I have incomplete/complete archives. What do I do?

Upload it to the Internet Archive and put a link in the list. If you can't upload it yourself, ask someone to do it for you.

What's with the IsoHunt Old Pirate Bay?

We don't know. You can read up on FAQ about IsoHunt wiki page however.