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Panoramio mainpage in 2011-01-12
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Panoramio is an image hosting service provided by Google. The service allows people to post pictures based on the location in the world taken. Photos can be searched by location.


Vital signs

On September 16, 2014, Google announced they would be "migrating" Panoramio over to Google Maps. During the migration, site features such as comments, favorite photographers, and groups would be deleted.[1] On September 23, the founders of Panoramio launched a petition asking Google not to shut the website down.

commons:User:Panoramio upload bot keeps uploading the freely licensed Panoramio images to Wikimedia Commons, for better usage as well as preservation. It finds about 1 % of the IDs correspond to an existing and free image (about 190k total uploads as of October 2016).

November 2016 closure

In October 2016, users have received the following notification:

Back in 2014, we announced our intention to retire Panoramio in order to invest our efforts into improving photo-sharing experiences directly inside Google Maps. In response to your feedback, we postponed these plans and worked to add features to Maps that better support the level of engagement that you have enjoyed with Panoramio. Today, with photo upload tools in Google Maps and our Local Guides program, we are providing easy options for you to share your photos with an active and growing community. As such, we’ve decided to now close down Panoramio. To make this transition easier, we’ll provide several options to continue sharing photos through other services. If you choose, you can also export all your data and take it somewhere else.

Because you have linked your Panoramio profile with a Google account, all your Panoramio photos will be copied to the Google Album Archive at full resolution after Panoramio goes away. These copied photos will not use any of your Google storage quota. However, unless you upgrade to a Google+ account, your Panoramio photos will stop appearing in Google Maps. This is because Panoramio nicknames will no longer be supported, and all other photos in Maps are attributed to Google+ user names.

After November 4, 2016, you’ll continue to have access to your photos in Panoramio for a year, but you will no longer be able to add new photos, likes, or comments. Below, we’ve included resources to help you manage or export your data. You can visit your Panoramio profile to see what photos you've added. If you have already linked your profile with a Google account, your Panoramio data will automatically be saved.

1) Keep your photos in Album Archive

Because you have a Google account linked with your Panoramio account, we will automatically copy your Panoramio photos to the Google Album Archive when Panoramio is retired in November 2017.

Copied photos will not use any of your Google storage quota. If you activate Google+ on your account, then eligible images and your View Counts will be transferred into Google Maps and will be visible when you sign in to Maps and access the Contributions screen from the main menu.

2) Export your photos to a local zip file

Visit and follow the instructions there.

3) Become a Local Guide to keep contributing

To keep adding photos to Google Maps and engage with a growing community of photographers, join the Local Guides program. You can earn points and unlock rewards for photos submitted with a Google account when they are linked to a point of interest or business. Many of your Panoramio photos may already be counted.

If you prefer to no longer share your photos with Google Maps, you can delete your Panoramio photos or your entire account at any time.

You can delete your Panoramio account (and photos) immediately by logging in, opening "Settings", and clicking the "Delete your account" option. You can also navigate to this page directly by using this link. If you delete any photos (or delete your entire account) before Panoramio is retired in November 2017, that content will not be automatically copied to the Google Album Archive and will stop appearing in Google Maps.

Please see our Help Center article for more information and the various options you have to save, transfer, or delete your content. We’ve appreciated your contributions over the years and hope you will continue to share amazing photos with the world.

Thank you,

The Panoramio team

How can I help?

Running a Warrior

You can start up a Warrior and there select Panoramio. (If you don't really care what you are archiving, select ArchiveTeam's Choice instead, as at some points ArchiveTeam may prioritize another project.)

Running the script manually

If you use Linux and you're a bit familiar with it, you can try running the script directly.

The instructions can be found at

Some additional information
Don't forget to replace YOURNICKHERE with your nickname.

The number after --concurrent determines how many threads run at the same time. You can increase this number if your resources (RAM, CPU, bandwidth) are sufficient. However, if you constantly see messages about rate limiting, there is no need to increase the concurrency.

If you want to stop the script, please do it gracefully if possible. To do so, create an empty file named STOP in the folder of the script (terminal command: touch STOP). The script finishes the current item(s) and stops only after that. (If you kill the script immediately, the items get broken, and they will need to be reassigned to another user.) – Before starting the script again, don't forget to remove the STOP file.

If you see "Project code is out of date", kill the script, go to its folder (cd panoramio-grab) and issue git pull After the updating has finished, re-launch the script.

Donating to the Internet Archive

Content downloaded by the ArchiveTeam will be uploaded to the Internet Archive, where it will be stored and be available – hopefully – forever. However, storing it costs thousands of dollars in the long run. So, if you can afford, please consider donating to the Internet Archive, so that this piece of history can be kept for us all.

Do you like our cause?

If you want to help in other projects, want to learn more about ArchiveTeam, or even help in development in general, navigate to the Main Page of this wiki, from there you can reach a lot of information. The Team consists of volunteers working on the projects in their free time, so helping hands (and resources) are always welcome.

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