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Vstreamers logo
URL http://vstreamers.com
Status Offline
Archiving status Saved!
Archiving type Unknown
Project source vstreamers-grab, vstreamers-items
Project tracker vstreamers
IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)
(formerly #destreamers (on EFnet))

vStreamers is a video hosting service, which is visually a clone of older iterations of YouTube. It will be shutting down on January 15, 2015.

Shutdown notice

Important update: Thanks, everyone for beta-testing the website and all support you've been giving us through the last year. Unfortunately, we can't go on with the service anymore.

Long story short: The website is suffering from financial crisis, I had a hard time putting up with the bills through the previous year. The only reason vStreamers.com was kept alive is because someone has been helping me.

I have tried the implementation of Premium Accounts, but it didn't put up with the expectations. Now, the website's storage space is getting shorter and the person helping me has also agreed that we can't hold on this way forever. A website that can't sustain itself is bound to fail sooner or later.

With that said, I have been talking to some people, and we all came to the conclusion that we'll re-release the website later with a better financial plan in order to avoid the same problems. These changes might not appease everyone, but it's the only way of keeping the website alive.

All information, including videos, account info, user themes, avatars, thumbnails, and other stuff will be saved while we work on what we'll do with the website.

vStreamers.com will be closing down January 15th. Those who have a premium account and wish for a refund from such, please follow this link: http://vstreamers.com/refund.php

Site structure

How can I help?

Running a Warrior

You can start up a Warrior and there select vStreamers. (If you don't really care what you are archiving, select ArchiveTeam's Choice instead, as at some points ArchiveTeam may prioritize another project.)

Running the script manually

If you use Linux and you're a bit familiar with it, you can try running the script directly.

The instructions can be found at github.com/ArchiveTeam/vstreamers-grab.

Some additional information
Don't forget to replace YOURNICKHERE with your nickname.

The number after --concurrent determines how many threads run at the same time. You can increase this number if your resources (RAM, CPU, bandwidth) are sufficient. However, if you constantly see messages about rate limiting, there is no need to increase the concurrency.

If you want to stop the script, please do it gracefully if possible. To do so, create an empty file named STOP in the folder of the script (terminal command: touch STOP). The script finishes the current item(s) and stops only after that. (If you kill the script immediately, the items get broken, and they will need to be reassigned to another user.) – Before starting the script again, don't forget to remove the STOP file.

If you see "Project code is out of date", kill the script, go to its folder (cd vstreamers-grab) and issue git pull https://github.com/ArchiveTeam/vstreamers-grab. After the updating has finished, re-launch the script.

Donating to the Internet Archive

Content downloaded by the ArchiveTeam will be uploaded to the Internet Archive, where it will be stored and be available – hopefully – forever. However, storing it costs thousands of dollars in the long run. So, if you can afford, please consider donating to the Internet Archive, so that this piece of history can be kept for us all. http://archive.org/donate

Do you like our cause?

If you want to help in other projects, want to learn more about ArchiveTeam, or even help in development in general, navigate to the Main Page of this wiki, from there you can reach a lot of information. The Team consists of volunteers working on the projects in their free time, so helping hands (and resources) are always welcome.