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Inkblazers is an art hosting website, primarily focused on comics. Running out of money, erasing everything on February 1, 2015.

Shutdown notice

To the Inkblazers Community,

It is with a sad heart that we have to announce starting February 1st we will be taking down permanently. We have been trying to find a path for Inkblazers and unfortunately we have reached a point where we can no longer financially support the continuation of the site which cost us upwards of $65,000USD a month. Every single dollar earned from the subscribers went directly back to the artists and authors.

The last four years have been the most amazing journey for our entire team and very humbling to engage with this passionate and amazing community. We understand the far reaching impact this has on the numerous authors that have put their faith in us and made a living on our site over the years. We are very sorry it has come to this and we have no words for the disappointment and anger you must be experiencing.

To help ease all of the authors that have placed your faith in us and the Preview Program, any author that received a Preview Program Payment in either November or December will receive an additional three month payment in the coming weeks to help you make your transition. So if you earned $10 in either November or December, you will receive a $30 payment to help ease your transition. We wanted to make sure everybody is supported to the best of our abilities during this difficult time.

After February 1st all user and author data as well as images will be deleted permanently. To be clear, every single file, data, everything will be deleted. We will not be archiving or keeping any information or files after February 1st. All subscriptions will be refunded over the next week as well. Any orders previously placed on Inkblazers will be shipped.

Our sincerest apologies,

Victor Chu

Site structure

Everything can be discovered through the sitemaps, which are updated daily.


WARC files are being uploaded to the archiveteam_inkblazers collection. They will be viewable in the Wayback Machine eventually.