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Save, Share & Discover. Easily save images from everywhere on the web. The silly ones, the sweet ones. The cool ones. The gross ones. Then share them with your friends and family.

MLKSHK was an image sharing community.


[2017/03/29] [00:25:45] <SketchCow> Word from MLKSHK they are shutting down, and they ask if we can archive them

Looks like MLKSHK is back on the menu boys.


MLKSHK Shutting Down

When are you shutting down?

September 1, 2014. It’s a Monday.

Why are you shutting down?

MLKSHK isn’t our primary source of income and it’s certainly not our primary focus. Despite earning very little from the site we still have to answer tech support, deal with spam, fix minor issues, fix major issues, keep the servers updated, sort out billing issues, and worry about the months we get linked on Reddit. Sometimes the server and bandwidth bill are more than we took in for the month—this is scary.

Will you sell it?

Of course! We would sell it to someone who will commit significant resources to it. Out of respect for the community we wouldn’t sell to anyone who we didn’t feel was a good fit.

Can I get all the images I shared in a zip file?

Yes! Click the link “Request Zip File Of All My Images” on your account settings page. It should take about a day to process your request if we don’t get inundated with requests. UPDATE: We are working with the Internet Archive Team to make sure they have everything they need to pull the site into their archive.

What if…?

We appreciate the passion the users have for the site but there really is no other option than this. We explored many ideas for making more money but nothing worked for us.

I just bought a subscription, can I get a refund?

Yes. Please email so we can figure out your refund.

Will my subscription be canceled?

Every subscription will be canceled before June 1.

Thank you to everyone who visited, bought a subscription, said nice things about us to your friends, and of course thanks for sharing.

Thanks also to Ivan Kanevski and Mark Paschal for helping us build the thing. And thanks to Chris Ereneta, David Barry, and Justin Williams for writing iOS code against our API. Also thanks to our advisor Anil Dash for helping us figure things out over the past few years.

Bye, and please keep in touch!
Amber (@amberdawn) and Andre (@torrez)[1]

I talked to @textfiles of the @archiveteam this afternoon to let him know we will work with them in getting MLKSHK’s data stored. Yay!



MLKSHK is Open

We want to tell you that MLKSHK will not be closing! And not only are we not closing but we are going to be doing some good stuff in the coming months. We appreciated all the nice things you tweeted and mailed to us, and we realized just how special this site was to so many of you. To turn it off would be a big loss. It’s a pretty special place.

Shutdown 2.0

MLKSHK Shutting Down Hi, on April 1st, 2017 we’ll be turning off the ability to upload files to MLKSHK and the ability to view posts without being signed into your account. At that point we’ll provide a method for downloading all of your files to your computer. MLKSHK will continue to serve files until May 1st, 2017.

It’s no longer possible to keep MLKSHK up and running at a level that is above “not-on-fire”. This is too much work for us.

It’s been fun! We love all of you and when you think about it, it’s like we got an extra three years, much more than we expected. So thanks for showing up every day and uploading great images and being such a friendly place to be.

There’s a lot of rotten and rotting communities out there, and MLKSHK was never one of them. That’s got nothing to do with us and everything to do with you.

wave emoji, Andre & Amber (& Brad & Ann & Aaron & Joost & Ivan & Mark!) [3]


The WARCs are available in the the archiveteam_mlkshk collection and the archives can be accessed through the Wayback Machine.