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Data[how to use] archiveteam_blip, or now Blip, is a video hosting website for original web series. Video creators, or producers, can apply for an application for their content to be monetized. retains a portion of the advertising revenue. is a free videoblogging, podcasting and video sharing service.

Our goal is to change the world by bringing excellent free video publishing services to people who are unable or unwilling to get outlets from major media organizations in the United States and throughout the world. Our passion is democratization. Our principles are the rules we live by.[1]

If you don't have a blog we'll give you one, and if you have one already we'll make it a video blog.[2]

Potential Shutdown

On May 28th, 2014, Blip sent out an email to account holders informing them that video uploads will be disabled after July 7th 2014, and their accounts will be deleted on September 1st 2014.

Blip shutdown may2014.PNG 2.0

Blip.jpg Acquired By Video-Blog Killers Maker Studios

Posted on Oct 8 2013 - 3:12pm by Zennie Abraham, the video sharing site that was created by a team lead by Mike Hudack and Dina Kaplan, is dead. It’s now called “the old” and has been replaced by something owned by that horrible video-channel eating company network Maker Studios. (Mike and Dina left Blip in 2012.)

And if you’re asking “Is that the same Maker Studios that took YouTube Partner Ray William Johnson’s Google AdSense account and never gave it back to him? The same Maker Studios that pushed Pew Die Pie at us on YouTube? The same Maker Studios that was founded by Danny Zappin, Lisa Donovan (LisaNova on YouTube), Scott Katz, Derek Jones and Will Watkin? The same Maker Studios that’s involved in a nasty lawsuit between Mr. Zappin and the others, including his ex-girlfriend Lisa Donovan?

The answer is yes.[3]


Almost when people thought the site could survive yet another "shutdown", Disney (through Maker Studios) is finally going to be landing the killing blow on August 20th.

How can I help?

You can run the ArchiveTeam Warrior! Check out that page for more info about running it. (Alternatively, you can run the scripts manually.)

We need to save about 228,000 videos before November 7th.

Additional FAQ

How big are the files?

File sizes range from 5 MB to 2 GB. If you have slow upload speeds, you can still help. A small contribution still helps along the way! Still not convinced? Then help us spread the news and get others to help.

I'm running the warrior but it just says "Starting WgetDownload"

It currently does not show your download progress, but don't worry, it is actually downloading. You can check by looking at the bandwidth graph in the lower left corner of the page.

Site Structure

  • On pages like there is pagination but the page links are only '#' and need js to work
  • Each anchor tag does have a data-results_page value that appears to carry the url information. Here is an example:
   <a class='currentResults' href="#" data-results_page="/channel/get_directory_listing?channels_id=46&page=1">1</a>
   <a class='advanceResults' href="#" data-results_page="/channel/get_directory_listing?channels_id=46&page=2">2</a>
   <a class='advanceResults' href="#" data-results_page="/channel/get_directory_listing?channels_id=46&page=3">3</a>
  • Only 3 links of pagination are shown at a time. To find out how many pages a category has you must click the "double arrow right" at the bottom of the page, which requires javascript.
  • Each page of results in a category is only 8 shows at a time.
  • Each show has x many episodes
  • To video an episode list for a show you must have javascript enabled. This is also true for pagination on these pages.
  • Some shows have rss feeds. Example
  • RSS feeds only show a partial list of episodes. has more episodes than listed in the RSS feed.
  • If you have the url of a video's page for example get-flash-video can download the video in a nice mp4 file.
  • robots.txt crawl delay is 1 second.
  • Here's some 20,000 urls from URLTeam:


URL Discovery

Here are all the video urls for from the sitemap files, sorted and de-duplicated. Total count 228,133.

A searchable index for links to videos on can be found here[IAWcite.todayMemWeb].


A logistical snafu occurred and the project slipped through the cracks. (Only one project leader existed and this leader disappeared.) Only 7TB of 70TB was saved. These videos were added to the existing bliptv collection.

The second round of archive are located in archiveteam_blip collection.

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