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Data[how to use] nolblog_hu_2016_01 was a blogging platform, primarily for readers of the leftist Hungarian newspaper Népszabadság. As of January 2016, it hosted more than 3000 blogs.

On December 31, 2015 Mworks Print Zrt. announced that would be discontinued on January 31, 2016.

The site got cut off at 00:28 CET on February 1, 2016, but came back online about 8 hours later, and was finally shut down on February 2 in the afternoon.

The above applies for the * subdomains, hosting the individual blogs. The main page (that is and has been the destination of the redirect from has been restructured, and now shows entries of the most popular users of the old Nolblog, so they could keep on blogging. For the other users, however, the line has been cut.

Mediaworks did not tell the reason for the shutdown. The site was not used by many people, was not really updated in the last years, but there were often harsh conflicts between the users, causing need for the administrators to intervene. Also, there were no ads on the site, so running it was probably lossy.

Users consisted mainly of elderly people, forming a basically good community.

The site provided exporting. The exported blogs may be imported to other blogging platforms.


user:bzc6p saved the blogs. However, some of the users deleted all their articles in the last days, so some content may be missing from the archives.

Archive files in WARC format can be found here:


It is not the first shutdown done by Mediaworks: they discontinued the NolTV service on June 30, 2015 – it was a video hosting service, mainly used by Népszabadság Online, but they had been using YouTube for their videos lately, so they did not find it important to keep the site up.

On October 8, 2016, Mediaworks suspended both the print and online issue of Népszabadság, as they found its business model unsustainable. As of that date, all content (news) was deleted from their website, and only a press release is shown on the main page.

"Despite revenue growth and management’s cost-cutting measures, Népszabadság has so far been unable to achieve economic success, and management’s priority must be to resolve this, finding the best future business model. [...] In order to achieve and concentrate fully on this priority task, all operations of Népszabadság (including print and online) will as of today be suspended until the new form is decided and can be implemented."[1]


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