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Wikidot is a social networking service and wiki hosting service (or wiki farm) operated and owned by Wikidot Inc., founded by Michal Frackowiak. It's the world's third-largest wiki farm with over 1 million active users, hosting over 12 million pages. Wikidot serves both private and public sites.

Wikidot has export/backup tools--but they're imperfect; in particular, it's not possible to backup the community forums of a wiki.

As of late 2019 the site feels moribund. All development ceased years ago, no marketing posts are being made and the support forum has no official representation, just one unofficial volunteer. Complaints about unresponsive management, even for paid accounts, are frequent and unaddressed. See the support forum

There are no good conversion tools from wikidot to other formats.

Search stopped indexing new content mid Dec 2019 and the anti-spam bots aren't running. The site was put up for sale in a BitCoin forum in February 2020.

The wiki backup option is available from the security tab of the page, but for wiki administrators only. The request is placed in a queue and produces a .tar.gz file with contents like


Python programs to maintain an offline version of a wikidot site

There is a Wikidot to Mediawiki python page conversion tool, and a bash/sed partial solution

Grab Script

June 12, 2021, someone came into #archiveteam-bs and described how Wikidot had been showing warning signs, most recently that "a few days ago tags were completely wiped across the entire platform". A grab script, not yet deployed, has been written, and can be found at GitHub. It is structured into two item types, user: and wiki:.

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