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SourceForge is a free software repository.

It's really old, ad supported, adware supported. And yet, it is still alive.

It hosts code migrated from BerliOS[1] which shut down.


2015: Removal of FRS Area

You have been identified as having saved files in you user FRS profile area (/home/pfs/<username>. We are planning on removing this
area for user accounts on March 17th 2015. We wanted to give you the opportunity to move your data to a new location before we
remove the data. Here is a link that should help you with moving your data:
If you need any help please contact us.
Thanks Support


2015: Admins hijacking projects to add more adware

Site Structure

Download files can be found on public ftp mirrors, priority on the rest of the site then download files last? e.g.

CVS/svn/git/hg/bzr repositories should be a priority; many projects do not have their source code on the ftp mirrors.

The main API is documented here: and allows unauthenticated access to most services. It also can indicate what revision control system is used.

Appropriate tools, (such as git clone -m and svnrdump) can be used to backup, but SF suggests using rsync regardless of the actual revision control system used.


On June 17, 2015, ArchiveTeam started two simultaneous grabbing process: one for web-based content and binaries, and one for rsync-able source code repositories. Shortly afterwards, someone claiming to be a SourceForge staff member, told us to stop and first contact their representative.

jún 18 22:08:45 <burley-sf> FYI: I just blocked your archive client
jún 18 22:09:05 <JRWR>      oh?
jún 18 22:09:07 <burley-sf> it's not following robots.txt, and hitting recursive deep dives
jún 18 22:09:18 <JRWR>      oh my
jún 18 22:09:24 <arkiver>   burley-sf: We're currently trying to archive the software on your website
jún 18 22:09:26 <burley-sf> I'll also be killing the rsync's here soon, you are going too heavy on this
jún 18 22:09:37 <burley-sf> I understand, and I am OK with that -- but not the way you are doing it
jún 18 22:09:58 <arkiver>   burley-sf: What is your limit?
jún 18 22:09:59 <burley-sf> I suggest you stop, so I don't have to block the IPs for rsync
jún 18 22:10:06 <burley-sf> and reach out to our community guy
jún 18 22:10:14 <burley-sf> gimme min and I'll give you an email address
jún 18 22:10:24 <achip>     rsync is paused
jún 18 22:10:38 <arkiver>   burley-sf: thank you
jún 18 22:11:05 <burley-sf>
jún 18 22:36:13 <burley-sf> So reach out to Roberto at the address above and then I am sure we can sort something out that doesn't cause impact to the other users
jún 18 22:37:35 <burley-sf> And if you need to reach me for some reason --

We attempted to contact them but got no reply.


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