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EditThis logo
A screen shot of the EditThis.info home page taken on 27 May 2012
A screen shot of the EditThis.info home page taken on 27 May 2012
URL http://editthis.info
Status Online!
Archiving status Partially saved in 2014
Archiving type Unknown
IRC channel #wikiteam (on hackint)

EditThis is a wikifarm. According to our estimates, there are over 1,300 wikis. There is a 2014 backup for most of them.

This farm is quite hard to archive, because of

  • old software (MediaWiki 1.15) with several weirdnesses, both at application and webserver level (like directory structure, URL rewrites, l10n in MediaWiki namespace);
  • slow servers (even after they fixed their robots.txt);
  • very strict captcha and throttling (with unhelpful status codes);
  • number of wikis taken over by spam since 2012 or earlier.

The owner clearly has not had time to manage it properly for several years now.

Best results to complete a download with launcher.py and dumpgenerator.py have been reached with the following:

  • add --exnamespaces=8,9
  • use API and a --delay=60, wait 120 s between each wiki.

If you lower the delay too much, or forget to sleep between some kinds of requests, you can easily enter a loop of endless 503 errors and never get out of it (each request, failed or not, counts for the throttle).

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