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Screenshot of WikiForge main page
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WikiForge is a MediaWiki wiki farm that was founded in March 2023.

It operates as the paid counterpart of WikiTide but is legally a separate legal entity. It shares a GitHub organisation with WikiTide along with a Phabricator instance.


WikiForge was founded by a former Miraheze site reliability engineer and was then proposed as a premium counterpart to Miraheze and approved by a community vote. Following a major disagreement between various Miraheze volunteers regarding the global ban of a former Steward, WikiForge broke off and formed WikiTide as their free version, staffed by many former Miraheze volunteers.

A number of Miraheze wikis migrated to WikiForge afterwards and some to WikiTide.


WikiForge does not publish public backups of their wikis until WikiTide.

Like Miraheze and WikiTide, WikiForge offers the DataDump extension on all its wikis which allows wiki administrators to create their own text and image dump.

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