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MoinMoin is a wiki engine.

MoinMoin 1.9 is EOL and doesn't support Python 3, there is MoinMoin 2 in pre-alpha but upgrading it changes the interface and URL structure a bit.


When doing MoinMoin archiving, please link to this page for the explanation.


Searching for URLs containing HelpOnMoinWikiSyntax can find MoinMoin instances.

Searching for the phrase "MoinMoin powered" can find instances where the footer hasn't been customised too much.

Often there will be multiple MoinMoin wikis on one host, so try to enumerate the host to find more. This especially happens with academic wikis.

IRC channel topics may contain MoinMoin instances.

If you find sites not included in the list below, please add them.


MoinMoin sites generally work reasonably well well in ArchiveBot.

They usually need large delays of 5-10s (!d 5000 10000) otherwise they start throwing 503 errors for the AB IP address, but they do recover if given a break with delay 600001.

Some ignores are needed for pages that require login or perform actions:

!ig  ^https?://{primary_netloc}/.*\?action=login$
!ig  ^https?://{primary_netloc}/.*\?action=refresh$
!ig  ^https?://{primary_netloc}/.*\?action=SpellCheck$
!ig  ^https?://{primary_netloc}/.*\?action=CopyPage$
!ig  ^https?://{primary_netloc}/.*\?action=PackagePages$
!ig  ^https?://{primary_netloc}/.*\?action=SyncPages$
!ig  ^https?://{primary_netloc}/.*\?action=Load$
!ig  ^https?://{primary_netloc}/.*\?action=info&hitcounts=1$

ArchiveBot will probably discover non-sequential integer revision IDs, so be sure to add the ignores for those.


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