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URL https://www.pixiv.net/
Status Special case
Archiving status Partially saved or Saved! (?) (2022)
Not saved yet (newer content)
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IRC channel #pixeled (on hackint)
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Pixiv is a Japanese art platform and community.

In late 2022, Pixiv updated its terms to ban certain content, leading to a mass deletion on 2022-12-15.[1][2][3][4]

Starting in late 2023, works with certain tags are region-blocked depending on the country set in one's user profile.[5]

Some features such as viewing tags by most popular work (人気順) are restricted to premium members.

Pixiv supports animated works, called ugoira (うごイラ, short for "moving ilustration").

Pixiv Fanbox is a Patreon-like subscription service.

Pixiv also hosts user-generated manga (マンガ) and novels (小説). Commercial manga are hosted separately on https://comic.pixiv.net/ (pixivコミック).

Pixiv also has a ピクシブ百科事典 Pixiv Encyclopedia, where articles are written to accompany tags. Along with Nico Nico Pedia, it is a valuable source for various trends.

Being the largest Japanese art website, a multitude of downloader tools have been developed by an overseas audience.

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