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DokuWiki is a wiki engine. It is often recommended as a more lightweight, easier-to-customize alternative to MediaWiki.

You can use dokuWikiDumper to archive DokuWiki sites and upload them to Internet Archive.

Currently (2023-05-15), hundreds of DokuWikis on this sheet have not been archived yet.

You can check archived DokuWiki items at Internet Archive.

Although ArchiveBot can be used to dump DokuWiki sites, it tends to explode into a large number of URLs due to the media manager and sitemap being repeated on each page with identical content (for instance, and give the same content, but are distinct URLs). This grows further with the number of subpages and files. Ignores such as ^https?://www\.dokuwiki\.org/(?!dokuwiki\?).*[?&]do=(index|media)(&|$) can be used to only enable it to the main page, but since the main page can have different names on different wikis, there is no builtin ignore set for this.

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