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Screenshot of WikiTide
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WikiTide is a non-profit MediaWiki wiki farm that was founded in June 2023. As of August 2023, they host almost 200 wikis.

It operates as the free counterpart of WikiForge but is legally a separate entity due to non-profit laws. It shares a GitHub organisation with WikiForge along with a Phabricator instance.


Following disagreement with a global ban imposed on a former Steward by the Miraheze Trust and Safety team, many longtime volunteers left Miraheze to form a new wiki farm which sought to address foundational issues they saw at Miraheze.

Major Miraheze wikis like the Audiovisual Identities Database and Polandball Wiki sided with the departing volunteers and moved (or planned to move) from Miraheze to WikiTide. A number of other wikis also migrated afterwards, including Rosetta Code.


WikiTide self-dumps their wikis monthly at the beginning of the month. They have an account where they upload wiki dumps.

Like Miraheze, WikiTide offers the DataDump extension on all its wikis which allows wiki administrators to create their own text and image dump.

A public list of all wikis is available.

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