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<!-- Urgent projects -->
<!-- Urgent projects -->
* [[Plays.tv]]: Stopping.tv on 2019-12-15. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|stops.tv|network=hackint}}'''.
* [[Yahoo! Groups]]: Years of internet threads, soon to go private-only. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|yahoosucks}}'''
* [[Yahoo! Groups]]: Years of internet threads, soon to go private-only. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|yahoosucks}}'''
<!-- Long-term projects -->
<!-- Long-term projects -->

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Archive Team recruiting

Warrior-based projects

Current Running Warrior Project: Telegram

Scripts only

  • NewsGrabber: Saving all news articles. Help with server power or by finding more news sites. IRC Channel #newsgrabber (on hackint).

Manual projects

  • Yahoogroups-joiner Filling out captchas to archive Yahoo Groups. IRC Channel #yahoosucks (on hackint).
  • ArchiveBot: For those with lots of disk space, bandwidth and long-term commitment. IRC Channel #archivebot (on hackint).
  • WikiTeam: Saving wikis dumps (XML). And their external links for the Wayback Machine (WARC) as well as exporting MediaWiki databases. Permanent effort, everyone can help (you choose the size of your downloads). IRC Channel #wikiteam (on hackint).
  • MP3.com: Digging through the WayBack Machine's archives to build a database of all the DAM CDs made available through the site.

Active Projects Not Yet Ingesting

  • Reddit: Banning communities that generate bad PR for Reddit Inc. IRC Channel #shreddit (on hackint).

Proposed projects

Recently finished projects

Hiatus / Missed the Mark

ArchiveTeam uses the EFnet IRC network – irc://irc.efnet.org – webchat: http://chat.efnet.org:9090More info