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URL http://yuku.com
Status Offline
Archiving status Partially saved
Archiving type Unknown
Project source yuku-grab
Project tracker yuku
IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)
Data[how to use] archiveteam_yuku

Yuku was an Internet forum site that allows users to generate forums that are a subdomain of yuku.com. Originally brought to ArchiveTeam's attention with The Classic Horror Film Board. Like FreeForums.org, Yuku was owned by the company CrowdGather. In 2016, it was acquired by Tapatalk, and in July 2017, its forums were forcibly migrated to the Tapatalk's mobile-centric forum platform, which is known to not only severely cripple the boards it hosts, but also kill them off after three months of inactivity (the staff makes it sound ambiguous as hell, saying the forums will be locked, not removed - but TT's Terms of Service say otherwise). Apparently, the Tapatalk staff are also known to monitor every single forum they can and delete posts on sight, as long as they violate their ToS even metaphorically. As of 2023-08-03, all spot-checked forums on subdomains of yuku.com simply show Tapatalk's homepage.



Forums are separated by subdomains (example.yuku.com) and subforums are sequential and accessible via example.yuku.com/forums/<forum number>, topics are also sequential and can be accessed via example.yuku.com/topic/<topic number>. Pages within topics are indicated like: example.yuku.com/topic/56108/?page=2, topics can also be accessed via rss through example.yuku.com/feed/get/type/rss/source/lead/id/<topic number>


Users can choose their own name, profiles are viewed via <username>.u.yuku.com or <username>.<forum name>.yuku.com. The two may be different depending on how the user registered or if the registration system changed.


All images hosted by yuku are shown in their S3 bucket listing, and a complete scrape with object key and size can be found here.


  • Scrape Google Parsed Raw
  • Scrape Bing Parsed Raw (Extracted from the first 20000 pages)
  • Scrape Rapid7's Sonar data for all possible subdomains related to Yuku. Parsed & Instructions for grabbing an updated list.
  • TODO: Scrape DuckDuckGo Parsed Raw (Didn't return many results)
  • TODO: Scrape Twitter
  • TODO: Scrape Reddit
  • TODO: Scrape links from MediaWiki wikis
  • TODO: Scrape the Open Directory Project
  • TODO: Scrape the Common Crawl Index
  • TODO: Scrape the Wayback Machine
  • TODO: Scrape URLTeam dumps
  • TODO: Scrape a list of subdomains from DNSdumpster.com (if applicable)
  • pentest-tools.com Subdomain search Parsed