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Project Newsletter
URL,, (dev branch for mail1)
Status Online!
Archiving status In progress...
Archiving type Unknown
Project source newsletter-python
IRC channel #projectnewsletter (on hackint)

Archiving all the email newsletters.


  • Have a separate email address for each newsletter.
    • Public access to the email addresses will need to be limited to prevent random spam from entering the archives.
      • Spam could also be prevented by maintaining a blacklist. (this also keeps out script kiddies)
    • Have a way for people to forward past 'issues' of newsletters. Submitted newsletter issues can be verified using copies from multiple submitters.
  • Problem: a lot of newsletters require you to click a confirmation link in an email. Some solutions:
    • Make the archiving tools search the email content for confirmation links and follow them.
    • Have a password protected page where people can click confirm links.
      • First solution is better, but the second one could be used if the bot fails to properly follow the confirmation link.
  • Problem: some newsletters require the initial email to be replied to for confirmation.
    • Solution: Make the archiving tools auto-reply to the first email received from a newsletter.
  • Download image URLs in each email with wget.
  • Upload received emails to IA in ArchiveBot-like GO packs, and separate files by the receiving address.
  • Provide an interface for reading archived emails.
  • Have a bot crawl the web looking for more newsletters.
    • Should it automatically create a new email address and try signing up for newsletters, or should there be some sort of human intervention?
  • Problem: if unsubscribe links are made public and followed, the archiving address will be unsubscribed.
    • Maybe unsubscribe links could be removed from each email and the unsubscribe link changed to or
      • Upload darkened copies of the original emails to IA along with the modified ones.
  • Have a list of newsletters currently being saved to prevent saving multiple copies of the same newsletter.


  • has a bunch of spam archives. Maybe we could collaborate OR at least see how they have it implemented in the backend..