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We've uploaded a bunch of stuff:

Let's go through the list and make sure it's categorized, has decent metadata, etc.

Many of our uploads are quite large, and have been broken into many items on We'll group them together here and verify each set all at once.

Things to check

Are all the related items grouped into a collection?
Can a visitor figure out what each item represents? Items in a collection don't need to repeat the description of the collection, but it'd be nice if they had a sentence or two, and information about how the item differs from the other items in the collection ("MP3s from, files starting with c." from the Earbits items is a good example.)
Are all the related items included in the same collection?
Can a visitor find the item by browsing the collections?
Can a visitor find other items in a set, starting at any item in the set? Can a visitor find the index of a large set starting from any part of it?
If the item is a collection of sub-items, is one of these sub-items an index of the others? (This is a complicated thing to check for and to create when it doesn't exist, so we can come back to this after we've checked the rest.)
Your suggestion here
this is just off the top of my head.

Current Sub-Collections at Archive Team

Collection Status Auditor Item Count Has an Index Description of Audit
No Category Unaudited 98 Yes The items are not in a collection. Most items are WARCs; the rest need additional work if anyone is going to be able to find the exact MP3 they want.
archiveteam_ptch Audited db48x 50 No Collection has great description, but no categories. Items in collection are WARCS. One item not included in the collection: deathy-s3-test-ptch
archiveteam_flowerpot Audited db48x 406 No The description of the collection is anemic, but each item is well-identified.
github_files Audited db48x 1 No Pretty bad shape. Only one item in the collection, and that's only half the data. Was the rest never uploaded? Has no description, keywords or other metadata. Other Github items could be included, such as this repository index, and these other file downloads
justintv Audited db48x 189 No Partial (Src) Decent description, but no other metadata. There are 51 other 'justintv' items, but none of them look to be from us.
archiveteam_mochimedia Audited db48x 9 No Collection includes Mochi's notice about the shutdown, but no other context. The items are all WARCs, and all have CDXs and JSON indexes, but there's no overall index.

Index can be easily generated from this 26MB JSON file--chfoo

archivebot Unaudited
archiveteam_yahooblogs and archiveteam_yahooblog Audited db48x 49 No Collection description is just the shutdown notice (and apparently quite a brief one at that) with no other context. Items are all WARCs, and all have CDXs and JSON indexes, but there's no overall index. One item is orphaned in a collection of its own; apparently caused by a typo in the collection name.
archiveteam-splinder Unaudited
archiveteam-picplz Audited db48x 141 Yes The collection description is just the shutdown message, with no other context. Items are tarballs containing WARCs. There is an index, but it's not a part of the collection ([1]). There's also a search page for the index, which is great.
archiveteam_puush Audited db48x 1781 The collection description is just the shutdown notice, but it's better than average; it includes some context. The items are all WARCs with CDXs, but there's no central index.
archiveteam_upcoming Audited dashcloud1 142 no The collection description only describes the site, not the items themselves. Individual items have no description of any kind.
archiveteam_randomfandom Audited dashcloud1 42 yes Short collection description, but has an index, and every collection item is well described. Index is located right on collection page.
archiveteam_antecedents Audited db48x 46 N/A This collection represents multiple sites, rather than multiple parts of a single large site. The collection description is quite brief, but each item appears to have a paragraph describing what the site is/was, as well as some basic metadata such as keywords. All the items appear to be WARCs with CDXs
archiveteam_jazzhands Audited db48x 443 No This one is a collection of items from multiple sites, but those sites are also broken up into multiple items based on when they were scanned. The items have brief descriptions and some keywords, and are WARCs with CDXs. A good way to improve this would be to make collections for each site as subcollections.
archiveteam-mobileme-hero Unaudited 4007 Yes (source)
archiveteam_myopera Audited dashcloud1 155 No Collection page has a nice description of the site, and the items. The items appear to be all have WARCs, and have no descriptions/keywords of any kind on them.
archiveteam_bebo Unaudited
archiveteam_dogster Audited jscott 55 Items ??? Collection well described. Wayback Machine-Ready WARCs, all integrated.
hyves Unaudited
archiveteam_wretch Unaudited
archiveteam_xanga Unaudited
twitterstream Unaudited
pastebinpastes Unaudited
archiveteam-googlegroups-th Unaudited
archiveteam_zapd Unaudited
archiveteam_patch Unaudited
archiveteam_posterous Unaudited
archiveteam_greader Unaudited
archiveteam_ignsites Unaudited
archiveteam_g4tv_forums Unaudited
archiveteam-yahoovideo Unaudited
archive-team-friendster Unaudited
archiveteam_formspring Unaudited
archiveteam_yahoo_messages Unaudited
archiveteam_punchfork Unaudited
yahoo_korea_blogs Unaudited
archiveteam-cinch Unaudited
archiveteam_dailybooth Unaudited
archiveteam_weblognl Unaudited
stage6 Unaudited
googlegroups-part2 Unaudited
archiveteam-btinternet Unaudited
archiveteam-qaudio-archive Unaudited
webshots-freeze-frame Unaudited
tabblo-archive Unaudited
archiveteam-fortunecity Unaudited
2012-04-30-wikimedia-images-snapshot Unaudited
archiveteam-anyhub Unaudited
archiveteam-fileplanet Unaudited
archiveteam-umich-save Unaudited
archiveteam-geocities Unaudited
archiveteam-fire Unaudited
archiveteam-mypodcast Unaudited
archiveteam-googlegroups Unaudited
isohunt dumps 1 2 3 Unaudited These are not yet in a dedicated collection, and have never been post-processed. Some of the .torrent files may actually be error pages. This needs work, and proper full auditing.
No Category Unaudited
archiveteam_yahoovoices Unaudited
archiveteam_twitchtv Unaudited Yes (source)
archiveteam_fotopedia Unaudited
archiveteam_canvas Unaudited
archiveteam_ancestry Unaudited

In progress???

But what happened after? Where are the archives?

Oddities, Mislocations, and To Do

To be moved to better collection







  • Upload the latest offical torrent release
  • Upload the Dropbox files in the URLTeam wiki page table that are *not* in the latest release
  • user:chfoo needs to create a dedicated/shared account on IA and be given permission for automated/semiautomated rolling releases into a URLTeam collection.


  • Yahoo!_Blog: What happened to the Vietnam archives? Does anyone have a copy or at least a blurry screenshot of the Korean shutdown notice?