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Free ProHosting
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Status Offline in 2011-01-01
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IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)

Free ProHosting is a free/premium webhosting company similar to GeoCities, but smaller in scale. In November 2010 they announced that they would shut down their hosting services at the end of that year. Before closing they offered 100 MB of hosting space and a 1.2 GB monthly traffic limit for any hosted accounts.

Notes on Archiving

URLs are organized like this:


which is equivalent to


and to


It looks like usernames are all lowercase.

List of known Servers

Please add new servers if you discover them.

  • balder
  • blake
  • cloud
  • dt
  • earth
  • fire
  • hammer
  • ice
  • jove
  • lightning
  • marvelite
  • odin
  • opera
  • rain
  • sky
  • snow
  • storm
  • thor
  • thunder
  • wave
  • white
  • wind

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