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The owners of (the Schibsted media mogul corporation) sent out a press release on the 7th of May 2012 [1], announcing the closing of citing dwindling profitability.

User registration has been closed and the site is going to be up to the 15th of June - unsure if it'll close after that. The press released mentioned it being up and in a read-write state for members to finish their journey diaries. It is still online as of the 1st of May, 2013.

What's is a Swedish site where you can have a diary for your journeys. A user can have several diaries, with several posts in each diary.

The site is mostly in Swedish, but there seem to be some English crapversion available as well. Most/all of the user content is in Swedish.

Similar international sites;,,

Archival notes

Using a test user~ Member page:

On the member page there is;

user metadata to the left in a box, fields like username, gender, age, current journey, home region, how many travels, how many posts, how many visited places and such

a 'latest journeys' box which lists a few journeys, with a link to "All journeys" at the bottom

a 'latest pictures gallery' box, which has a "All images" link at the bottom of the box

a 'latest posts' box, which has a link to "All posts" at the bottom of the box

a map showing all places the user have tagged(?)

a 'latest logged in friends' box with links to the users

There's also a forum section and an article section of the site


News article in Schibsted-owned newspaper about the closure (Swedish)

Press release on (Swedish)