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Many brave souls have given their bandwidth - sign up today!

This project is composed of volunteers, currently coordinated by Jason Scott.

If you're wondering where to stick your nose in, we could use:

  • Warriors, You will run the ArchiveTeam Warrior on any PC's you have with spare bandwidth. Hopefully you'd leave it running 24/7 and it'll randomly pick up new jobs from the ArchiveTeam trackers. you can also subscribe to email alerts from [Google ArchiveTeam group]
  • Writers, who can create clear essays and instructions for archivists and concerned parties.
  • People with Lots of Hosted Disk Space who have a proper hosted webserver and fat pipe, who are willing (when asked) to consider hosting mirrored dead sites or archives.
  • People who love setting up torrents who can do the same as the mirror folks, but do so hosting torrents.
  • OCD-rich individuals who want to download things who will respond to our alerts and call outs and download entire sites or diagnose ways to get at obfuscated data.

Mirror and torrent people should write Jason at jason@textfiles.com. Other volunteers with Linux boxes should check out our IRC. Press people looking for an easy, quote-filled interview about this important subject can contact Jason as well.

Mailing List

Most of our interaction is in IRC, but if you don't keep an IRC client open all of the time and still want to be notified when more people are needed to help download, sign up for our [batsignal mailing list]