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What I'm trying to look smart with

That era of the web is far behind us when a single wget -r -p command could mirror a website in its entirety. Nowadays each and every website has its own soul, its own hideous Javascript-linked content, not to mention the various file formats and ways of embedding content. Thus, if one is serious about web archiving, each and every website must be discovered carefully, often painstakingly, which is in too few cases possible in any automated ways.

What I probably shouldn't have archived

Általam feltöltött tartalom eltávolításával kapcsolatos kéréseket a címre kell küldeni.

Requests for removal of content uploaded by me should be sent to

Who I am

Hungarian amateur who joined the efforts of ArchiveTeam. "Specialized" in watching and saving Hungarian websites.

What I've done

This user is on a tin can connected to a windmill,[1] likes simplicity, likes archiving websites, therefore hates Javascript being used to just show components of websites.

Also saved a few wikis in the beginning.

I sometimes also take part in Warrior projects, in those rare cases when the tracker limit is not already saturated.

What I recommend

  • Chfoo's Wpull for saving to WARC
  • Ikreymer's when things are too difficult
    • wget still lacks some handy features wpull already has got
    • No, I don't prefer ArchiveBot as most websites can't be saved automatically, also one can't really fine-tune a specific ArchiveBot job. Can be useful and powerful, but it's still quite dull under development. Use with caution.
  • Alard's warc-proxy or Ikreymer's webarchiveplayer for testing WARCs
  • Kngenie's ias3upload for uploading to IA

What I've found in Hungarian about ArchiveTeam