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This is a list of ArchiveTeam's difficult, discussion-intensive, human-resource-intensive and audit projects.

This table is also embedded into the Projects page.

Project IRC channel Description Status Started Finished Archives/Results
Yahoogroups-joiner #yahoosucks (on hackint) Filling out captchas to archive Yahoo Groups Active 2019-10-19 leaderboard
Project Newsletter #projectnewsletter (on hackint) Archiving all the email newsletters Active 2015-03-27
Woohoo #woohoo (on EFnet) (abandoned) Doing a census of all of Yahoo!'s products Active 2015-03-13 result
Froogle #froogle (on EFnet) (abandoned) Doing a census of all of Google's products Active 2015-03-13 result
INTERNETARCHIVE.BAK #internetarchive.bak (on hackint) Backing up the Internet Archive Active 2015-03-02 stats
ISP Hosting #webroasting (on hackint) Finding ISP web hosting services before the Grim Reaper finds them. Active 2014-12-30 see there
Project Valhalla #huntinggrounds (on hackint) Discussing where and how to store archives that are too big for the Internet Archive at the moment. Active 2014-09-18 see there
Audit2014 #auditteam (on hackint) We've uploaded a bunch of stuff. Let's go through the list and make sure it's categorized, has decent metadata, etc. Active 2014-07-16 list,
the content
ArchiveBot #archivebot (on hackint) IRC bot designed to automate the archival of smaller websites Active 2013-09-06 archives,
AOL #aohell (on hackint) Archiving the original AOL, not AOL's current website Active 2013-01-28 [1]
WikiTeam #wikiteam (on hackint) Exporting Mediawiki databases in XML dumps Active 2011-04-05 [2]
FTP #effteepee (on hackint) Downloading all the FTP sites Active e.g. [3]