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Over the years, Yahoo has discontinued many of its services and products. As a result, unknown amounts of user data have been deleted or are endangered. Archive Team has rescued some of the data on Yahoo-owned sites, but not all. Therefore, Archive Team has decided to take a census of Yahoo services, to see what has and hasn't been saved.



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Site Status Saved? Number of Users Number of Items Size (bytes)
Yahoo Pipes Offline Status Unknown ? >1 million[1]
Flickr Online Archival being planned 112 million[2] >10 billion[2]
My Yahoo! Online Saved with ArchiveBot
Polyvore Offline Saved with ArchiveBot in 2016. May not have grabbed all as site was shut in 2018 20 million[3] 100 million[3]
Rivals.com Online No (Archival possible)
Tumblr Online Archival being planned 420 million[4] 217 million blogs, 99 billion posts[4]
Yahoo7 Online No (Archival possible)
Yahoo! Advertising Online No (Archival unlikely, homepage saved with ArchiveBot)
Yahoo! Answers Offline Partially saved.
Yahoo! Auctions (Hong Kong, Taiwan) Online No (Archival possible)
Yahoo! Autos Online No (Archival possible, sub-site of Yahoo! News)
Yahoo! Beauty Online No (Archival possible)
Yahoo! Celebrity Online No (Archival possible)
Yahoo! Dating Online No (Archival unlikely, partnership with Match.com, not Yahoo! owned)
Yahoo! Downloads Original site dead, new site online Saved with ArchiveBot
Yahoo! eSports Online No (Archival possible)
Yahoo! Fantasy Sports Online No (Archival possible, sub-site of Yahoo! Sports)
Yahoo! Finance Online No (Archival possible)
Yahoo! Food Offline No
Yahoo! Games Offline No
Yahoo! Green Offline No
Yahoo! Groups Online Archival being planned
Yahoo! Health Offline No
Yahoo! Homes Offline No
Yahoo! Local Offline No
Yahoo! Mail Online No (Archival unlikely, homepage saved with ArchiveBot) 273 million[5]
Yahoo! Makers Offline No
Yahoo! Maktoob Online No (Archival possible)
Yahoo! Maps Offline No
Yahoo! Messenger Online No (Archival unlikely, homepage saved with ArchiveBot)
Yahoo! Mobile Online No (Archival unlikely, homepage saved with ArchiveBot)
Yahoo! Movies Online No (Archival possible)
Yahoo! Music Online No (Archival possible)
Yahoo! News Online No (Archival possible)
Yahoo! Parenting Offline No
Yahoo! Screen Offline No
Yahoo! Search Online Saved with ArchiveBot (search interface & homepage)
Yahoo! Shopping Online No (Archival possible)
Yahoo! Small Business Online No
Yahoo! Sports Online No (Archival possible)
Yahoo! Style Online No (Archival possible)
Yahoo! Tech Online No (Archival possible)
Yahoo! Toolbar Online Saved with ArchiveBot
Yahoo! Travel Offline No (Archival possible)
Yahoo! TV Online No (Archival possible)
Yahoo! Weather Online No (Archival possible, sub-site of Yahoo! News)
Cooliris Offline Saved with ArchiveBot Unknown Unknown