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Apple Daily was the name of two mostly-independent newspapers owned by Next Digital, one in Hong Kong and one in Taiwan.

The Hong Kong paper was critical of the Chinese government and thus always under pressure. In June 2021, its headquarters were raided (again) by Hong Kong Police, and several key people were arrested, putting its future once again in doubt. Apple Daily said that their assets were seized and with no way to pay their staff, Apple Daily was likely to collapse in the coming days.[1] Mid-day (UTC) 21 June 2021, the newspaper announced[IAWcite.todayMemWeb] that it was likely to shut down soon. At 23:59 HKT (UTC+8) on 23 June 2021, Apple Daily's website was replaced by a shutdown message.

For similar at-risk sites, see Hong Kong media.

The Taiwan paper, a joint venture between Next Digital (the sole owner of the Hong Kong newspaper) and Taiwanese companies, announced[IAWcite.todayMemWeb] on 31 August 2022 that it would stop updating due to 'a lack of working capital', but that a successor publication under new ownership, Next Apple News, would begin operating on 1 September. The sale has attracted controversy due to allegations of the new owners' financial links to China and potential misuse of personal data.[2][3][4]

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