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The first half of 2021 has seen increased pressure from the Chinese government on Hong Kong journalism and politics, including asset seizures and arrests of key figures. Multiple outlets and parties have been targeted directly, some being forced to shut down; others have deleted large portions of their output, presumably under pressure. ArchiveTeam is therefore making a general effort to preserve this endangered media.

Type Name URL(s) ArchiveBot? YouTube channel(s)? YouTube archive? Comments
News Apple Daily See main page
News Citizen News / hkcnews (眾新聞) https://hkcnews.com/ In progress... job:lf75t76girnio9enwa3ib8mm UC7K4DBOzdITZFOjGkea_CCA (3196 videos) 3229 videos in stash
News Stand News (立場新聞) https://thestandnews.com/
In progress... job:17rh8v1zlqhwn6dchvr34b370
Not saved yet
UCGe96mv2FcdfQXmtSXYF_fA (395 videos) 395 videos in stash Removing old articles preemptively. See also Facebook videos
News inmediahk (獨立媒體) https://www.inmediahk.net/ In progress... job:9zrudhrz6et587660j5on397z UCZpf3t79EhVe83Z76FZipCw (800 videos) 10 videos in stash (new job in progress)
News Now TV https://news.now.com/ In progress... job:edj9w0y4du8spu2blp69npgdl UCbNvkqzg5HRhlPfptjh6hjA (5609 videos) 5422 videos in stash
News i-cable news (有線電視 CABLE TV & 有線新聞 CABLE) https://cablenews.i-cable.com/ Saved! job:e3uw2mq9ewhp3jnsajodw5oi UC_q7e5XYJB0JDGagcF0KW0w (26420 videos) 2857 videos in stash
News Initium Media (端傳媒) https://theinitium.com/ In progress... job:1pt6iab7b6mq5elxem0yyhp0f UCavaX73lVLIMjzw3AkFm3Tw (191 videos) 221 videos in stash
News FactWire https://www.factwire.org/ Not saved yet (Behind Cloudflare; requires JS) UC5JpcU7ZNpkvYEw8VGF08_A (281 videos) 281 videos in stash
News Hong Kong Free Press https://hongkongfp.com/ In progress... job:6jjdqkhzsu9fg4numcnqt9efk UC36umLEHbPUS-lpucrXPcGQ (1213 videos) 1213 videos in stash
News TVMost (毛記電視) / 100Most (100毛) https://tvmost.com.hk/ In progress... job:3b2v1ur8no00n97x5gnuuamna UCiJnCs2K5gP-DXnMxlstC9A (651 videos) 286 videos in stash (job in progress)
News am730 https://www.am730.com.hk/ In progress... job:dgf8c8f28vp7pz9x03wz1akrb UCr_L9cZdbBU_XDsKDHBBlew (4045 videos) 1 video in stash (new job in progress)
News D100 https://d100.net/ In progress... job:4jd0xzmknpiw8yruriyz2z0us UCbmZSNWyEoM2xtWhbHRPo3w (15973 videos)
UCImzhO6oVNH47MhwMeRmZlQ (1263 videos)
17324 videos in stash
0 videos in stash
News MyRadio Hong Kong https://myradio.hk/ In progress... job:7s5dezrffnv88wxt4wbmlngnj UCSJ7F-9d351iCvla2IzAQoQ (15924 videos) 15531 videos in stash
News PassionTimes hk https://www.passiontimes.hk/ In progress... job:47175ms1wchfu5fk9esz5gtdb (Firefox user-agent) UCoAf_IAZKhnUb0AajE5VSyA (10043 videos) 8413 videos in stash
News localpresshk (本土新聞) https://www.localpresshk.com/ In progress... job:8ipsepjmos601016v1km1ecbc (Firefox user-agent) UCLMXAY3NBmFVW6AGWDBsWbg (106 videos) (old?) 106 videos in stash

This project is currently moving quickly; see IRC and the etherpad for more.