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Yahoo! Messages
Status Offline on April 1, 2013
Archiving status Saved!
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(formerly #BurnTheMessenger (on EFnet))

Yahoo! Messages

Shutdown notification

On the 1st of March, Yahoo! announced that they'll "spring clean" Yahoo! Messages at Yahoo! Corporate Blog:

Yahoo! Message Boards website
Effective April 1, 2013, the Yahoo! Message Boards website will shut down. Our message boards on individual properties (like Yahoo! Finance and Yahoo! Fantasy Sports) will remain active. We also encourage you to ask and answer questions on Yahoo! Answers, and discuss issues in the comments section on Yahoo! News.

What we know

How to help

You can help Archive Team retrieve messages by running the ArchiveTeam Warrior. Yahoo has some harsh IP-based rate limits, so ArchiveTeam needs as many people as possible to help with this one.

  1. Visit the tracker and click 'Run your own ArchiveTeam warrior' at the top.
  2. Download the warrior and install it in VirtualBox. There are more detailed instructions on the Tracker page.
  3. When it's running and you see the splash screen, visit http://localhost:8001 and configure the warrior. In the 'Available Projects' tab, click 'Start This Project' next to the Yahoo Messages project.

URL patterns


m tm view type [tm][sme] [threaded (t) or msg list (m)] + [simple (s) or summary (m) or expanded (e)]
bn 18934669 forum ID [0-9]+
tid 556 topic ID [0-9]+ probably per-board
mid -1 message ID -?[0-9]+ -1 for the first message
tof 8 topic offset [0-9]+ offset from the newest topic (tof=1)
rt 2 message rating [1-5] 1 = everything
frt 2 topic rating [1-5] 1 = everything
off 1 message offset [0-9]+ num * page + 1
num 50 number of messages per page (20|50) fixed, 20 for msg list and expanded threads, 50 for other threads
so L thread sort order (L|LR) L=newest latest post, LR=oldest latest post
o lpr sort order (r|rr|lp|lpr) r=highest rating, rr=lowest rating, lp=oldest message, lpr=newest message