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Webzdarma (wz.cz)
URL http://webzdarma.cz/
Status Online!
Archiving status Not saved yet
Archiving type Unknown
IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)
Project lead User:Sanqui

(A rough translation of Webzdarma would be Webforfree.)

Webzdarma.cz is a Czech freehost from the "golden era" of personal homepages, circa 2002-2008. It is still alive to this day, however its long term existence is in question. Its primary competitor, Internet Centrum, already shut down in 2015, and took with it tens of thousands of unique websites.

Unlike Internet Centrum, Webzdarma appars to be deleting sites after a period of inactivity. The actual period is unclear. Their terms claim that sites that haven't been accessed in over a month may be deleted without notice. In practice, they seem to be much more lenient, but you never know.

In 2017, Webzdarma finally appears to have "suspended" some of Sanqui's vintage 2004 websites. After a password recovery, FTP could still be accessed.


Webzdarma offers free users the following domains.

  • borec.cz
  • czechian.net
  • czweb.org
  • euweb.cz
  • chytrak.cz
  • kvalitne.cz
  • mysteria.cz
  • nazory.cz
  • prodejce.cz
  • unas.cz
  • vyrobce.cz
  • webz.cz
  • webzdarma.cz
  • web2001.cz
  • wz.cz
  • wz.sk
  • xf.cz
  • zaridi.to

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