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Realbooru was located at (software version: Gelbooru Beta 0.1.11); it was moved to, renamed to RealBooru, and had its software upgraded (software version: Gelbooru Beta 0.2). When the moving process first began the original site was briefly located at, but that now redirects to RealBooru. Here is the problem: in the process of moving, comments, forum posts, sources, tag histories (many of which included the erroneous removal of the "light_skin" tag), original upload dates, and other things were lost. At the time when the site was still located but being moved to I downloaded all or most of the original website; I plan on uploading it to the or something:

[ ] Files I downloaded have been uploaded to or elsewhere
[x] Files I downloaded have NOT YET been uploaded to or elsewhere

Some links which prove some of my points: and apparently purged some of the porn on their site between 2010 and now (8/19/2019):

I find that to be very lame. Pornographic videos or images of people who are all 18 years old or older (whether photographic or not) is definitely not illegal, and angry soccer moms should not have won and caused this deletion effort. (previously has one or more staff members purging* the pages which link to or show the lyrics of right-wing musicians. They are doing this because they don't care about cataloging the lyrics of all songs, but instead care about making their website more advertiser-friendly. *About 1,200 deleted so far - (some are still available at Google web cache) - some deletions are of spam, to be fair.

Quote from

“can you stop fucking up the wiki / thanks / [admin blabs on about their crappy rules] / It took me time and work to transcribe Boys From The Bottom's "Lick My Ass" correctly, and you just threw it away just because it had some cursing! I hope someone breaks something you did as well, you jerk! --LYRIC-Stormwatch (talk) 22:27, December 12, 2017 (UTC)”

Update: was completely deleted some time before 7 Oct 2020 07:54:41 UTC


iDubbbz deleted his old gameplay videos: - 22 of them - Is this section too trivial for this website? I hope not.


I downloaded many pages from MotiFake, so if some were missed in its archiving effort then maybe I have them:

[ ] Files I downloaded have been uploaded to or elsewhere
[x] Files I downloaded have NOT YET been uploaded to or elsewhere

2020 was deleted in a 2020 purged that happened in contained, among other things, at least 10,228 images from Said images were probably scraped from - "Museum Syndicate: Experience Art and History".


Yahoo Mail, AKA Yahoo! Mail, because worse: not surprising.

iTunes U shutting down. "Apple to discontinue iTunes U at the end of 2021" -

I wonder if I can view edits which were rejected from due to the mod queue thing.

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