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Do not edit this page for any reason.

'cause screw being bold.. I'm air support.

TODO - see also (other related community/help and wiki todo pages) -- I can't find anything!


  • There doesn't seem to be any sort of "getting involved" topic, at least not one which is linked-to from the front page.
  • Implement todo and fixme templates, with backlinks.
    • Hide the inserted todo items? Or perhaps have separate templates for hidden text-todo/fixme items?
  • Build individual project pages for everything on Projects listed as complete. That section is stupid, and should just be emptied. Maybe there needs to be a manual list of projects instead of relying on the category. I hate categories. Oh wait, is swearing allowed here? I fucking hate categories.
  • Uh. ArchiveTeam Warrior lists projects, and so does Projects.. I hate duplication. Fix this. Like a cat. Hold it down and cut its hairy little balls off.


(this list is empty, yay!)

questions to find answers for

(this list is empty, yay!)

unsorted pile

(this list is empty, yay!)

More personal todo

  • [3] Learn the process to upload content to, starting with wikis. Write detailed instructions.
    • [4] Most of Scott's dumps are not archived!
    • [5] Do infoAnarchy, and check that it's good quality.
  • [6] Learn how to import a mediawiki XML/image dump.
    • Also get back into LAMPP-type stuff, and make detailed instructions specific to one of them.

Admin todo list

  • Can we get email functionality on this server? It's helpful to have things like user discussion pages or watchlist-edited items send an email.
  • Has there really not been any recent news? The front page has dated content.
  • Special:Version reveals that this wiki needs to be upgraded.
    • Probably PHP and MySQL as well.
  • Nearly all templates need to be write-protected.
    • Find my admin todo lists elsewhere.