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Currently have 2 servers.

Small 160gb hdd server in France.
Small 500gb hdd server in Lithuania.
Small 500gb hdd server in USA.

Current Jobs

Site Address Project status Project State Current Size Wiki Page Notes

Completed Jobs

Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Site Address Project status Project State Size IA Page Notes
26/04/2015 online saved 16.7GB
28/04/2015 online saved 150MB

Cancelled Jobs

Site Address Project status Project State Size IA Page Notes
Literotica online notsavedyet 35.7GB Literotica Also currently being archive with ArchiveBot job: 9r66fae08tnstgih0bdqni3k5
Literotica Forum online notsavedyet 7.9GB Literotica
Chyoo online notsavedyet 9.7GB Chyoa Chyoo has been left to rot for a while, is new site. Grabbing both sites.
Chyoa online notsavedyet 49.6GB Chyoa Job failed, so i've restarted it.
ThePirateBay online notsavedyet 45.6GB The_Pirate_Bay
Redump online notsavedyet 2.2GB Redump
Filewatcher online notsavedyet 5.5GB Filewatcher
Xbox Scene online notsavedyet 1.9GB Xbox Scene Site has not been updated in a while, grabbing before it goes. is in a worse state!
Codecademy online notsavedyet 180GB Codecademy Would be it worth running this as a warrior job or let me archive it all?
Dmoz online notsavedyet 30.4GB Dmoz Site feels like its left sitting there to rot. Parent company is AOL.
Snipplr online notsavedyet 5.5GB Snipplr

Future Jobs

To Be determined.

Will be looking at trying to add to the "ISP Hosting" section. With some non-existent companies but active personal webpages.