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I joined ArchiveTeam in July 2011 with a focus on WikiTeam, after having helped a tiny bit with the Geocities archival from outside. I occasionally code a bit for the main projects or run some extra grabbers, but most of my contributions are on less beaten tracks.

I've been the chief instigator of collaborations between the Wikimedia movement and Internet Archive for a while and at least since 2009.

  • I initially focused on the potential of Internet Archive for some Wikisource and Wiktionary projects about a small number of public domain works. I've ended up being one of the main persons helping Wikimedia users on (for a while, even the only one!).
  • I worked on making sure that WikiTeam projects can scale.
    • In 2011 I initiated the transfer of WikiTeam dumps from a git repository to the WikiTeam collection. At the time, stupidedia was our biggest item with over 3 GB...
    • Since then I've taken care of most of the archivals of MediaWiki wikis across the web and most of the TB archived from Wikimedia wikis (Wikimedia Commons! pageviews!). I took a few breaks to avoid cookie licking and I always hope that someone will take over as the most prolific uploader, but that hasn't happened yet!
    • For the last few years I've also run the WMF Labs "Dumps" project to make sure its participants have sufficient resources, especially for the ongoing mirroring.
  • I generally help with making sure that Internet Archive, MediaWiki and Wikimedia software, Wikimedia projects and the Wikimedia communities work well together. Nowadays, a small part of the ongoing matters is also tracked on the Wikimedia issue tracker.
    • As an extension of this, I ran several trainings and presentations to Italian librarians on how to use the Internet Archive. One of my employers also happened to have a sort of collaboration with the Internet Archive at some point around 2012.

Some ancient things: