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Shutdown notice by Telenor
Shutdown notice by Telenor
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Telenor is a multinational telecommunications company based in Norway. was a personal page hosting provided by Telenor with websites dating back to 2000-2001. Shutdown notice was published in September 2015 with shutdown date October 31th, 2015 (1, 2).

The websites disappeared at 2015-11-01 00:00 CET.

Shutdown notice

Tjenesten Min hjemmeside er ikke lenger i salg

Tjenesten Min hjemmeside som har vært inkludert i ditt bredbåndsabonnement vil legges ned. Årsaken til dette er at vi i stedet vil satse på mer oppdaterte tjenester som Min sky, hvor du enkelt kan lagre og dele innhold fra pc/Mac, mobil og nettbrett. Les mer om Min Sky.

Når tjenesten Min hjemmeside legges ned, vil den ikke fungere lenger og du kan heller ikke linke denne siden videre til en annen adresse. Ønsker du å ta vare på innholdet ditt, må du selv sørge for å laste det ned til din pc for det vil bli slettet fra serverne til Telenor. Derfra kan du for eksempel overføre innholdet ditt til Min Sky.

Google Translated to English:

Service My homepage is no longer in service sales

My website which has been included in your broadband subscriptions will be closed down. The reason for this is that we instead will pursue more updated services as My cloud, where you can easily store and share content from the PC / Mac, mobile and tablet. Read more about My Sky.

When service My website shut down, it will not work anymore and you can not link this page on to another address. Want to take care of your content, you must make sure to download it to your PC for it will be deleted from the servers to Telenor. From there you can for example transfer content to My Sky.


Site could use any of these patterns:

The websites are static and could be either uploaded from user's PC or done with rudimentary ColdFusion-based wizard. The latter option provided gallery and web-page creation functions.

Additional information

  1. Article on (copy 1, copy 2)
  2. Post by Kay Olav Winther (copy 1, copy 2)


Content downloaded by Archive Team can be found in WARC format here, and is also available in the Wayback Machine.

User index (12151 user) is available here: ~0…d, ~e…i, ~j…l, ~m…r, ~s…z. Includes all available host names for the given user and provides corresponding WARC item names.

List of the telenor-grab items is available here