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Optical is Terrible, But... Both Amazon Glacier and Facebook use bluray media for long term storage. It doesn't degrade at all like DVD or CD since it's a completely different process. So, it has some serious potential. However, DVD and CD basically suck so hard that they've given optical media a (justifiably) bad name.

If we WERE to use bluray media, it would probably be best served as a complimentary storage method, especially since its initial cost is so low (~$50 for a home writer plus the per/tb cost is relatively low)

M-Disc Reliability

While the M-Disc is new technology, I do believe that it can protect your data for a long, long time. They even went to the effort of making some videos of the disc:

Pretty sure that it's exaggerating a bit, but I personally think it's the archiving solution for anyone. I'm trying to state that the description should be slightly altered. Archive Maniac 11:52, 21 September 2014 (EDT)