Fortress of Solitude

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Fortress of Solitude, often abbreviated as FOS, is ArchiveTeam's primary staging server, operated by Jason Scott (a.k.a. SketchCow). It is, in fact, a virtual machine on the network of the Internet Archive, and has a storage capacity of 16 terabytes as of 2015.

Content downloaded as part of ArchiveTeam projects (including ArchiveBot) is uploaded to so-called staging servers via rsync, and after being processed, data is transferred from there to the servers of the Internet Archive.

As of December 2022, it is used very little (if at all). Warrior projects don't use it anymore, and ArchiveBot was updated not to use it in early 2022[1][2]. Additionally, on 2022-12-15, rsync was deactivated.


  • Upload history: Shows when and where the megawarc files (multi-gigabyte compilations of smaller WARC files) of ArchiveBot and ArchiveTeam projects have been uploaded.
  • Pipeline monitor: Shows status of pipelines (processes for megawarcing and uploading) of different projects.
  • System status: Some resource graphs of the FOS VM instance.