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Successful projects result from excellent project management.

  • ProTip™: Appoint roles, delegate responsibility, manage resources, and listen to fellow volunteers.

The Flight Crew and Customers

Flying an aircraft—even for a single journey—requires collaboration and cooperation. An Archive Team project is very similar:


  • mediates issues
  • adds items to tracker queue
  • monitors for buggy results


  • writes content grab scripts
  • answers technical questions
  • takes the role of pilot if the pilot is missing in action


  • admins the tracker host machine
  • sets up GitHub repository permissions
  • set ups Rsync hosts


  • answers general questions
  • troubleshoots installation problems
  • triage bugs and issues

Hat-Wearing Loudmouth

  • wears hats
  • a loudmouth
  • over 1 million followers for his cat's Twitter account
  • named Jason Scott


  • runs Warrior VM appliance
  • runs scripts manually
  • have many IP addresses
  • future potential pilots
  • submits GitHub pull requests

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